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Behind The Scenes at Cirque Du Soleil’s “Alegría – In A New Light”

We went behind the scenes as Cirque Du Soleil prepared for it’s return to the Royal Albert Hall with the reimagined Alegria – In A New Light.



Cirque Du Soleil - Alegria: In A New Light

The iconic Cirque du Soleil started its much-loved annual residency at London’s Royal Albert Hall in 1996, becoming a staple of entertainment at the famous London venue as it becomes a permanent big top for over two months each year.

In a recent news announcement from Duncan J. Fisher, President – Touring Shows, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group Cirque du Soleil that touring shows will be presented in the winter yearly at the Royal Albert Hall through 2028 as part of a renewed agreement and, with an additional 27 shows added due to phenomenal public demand, what better way to kick off 2024 and celebrate with the reimagined version of Alegria – In A New Light, which launches this week running through to March 3rd 2024.

Cirque Du Soleil, Rehearsal Photo by Graham Finney Photography

Cirque Du Soleil, Rehearsal Photo by Graham Finney Photography

In December, V13 headed down to the impressive Production Park, where members of the cast were holding a rehearsal in a vast warehouse in Yorkshire. The space has, in recent years, hosted preparations for artists as far-reaching as Def Leppard, The Killers, George Michael and Rammstein. In December, it became the home for Cirque Du Soleil’s cast and crew as they prepared for the London debut.

“They make the impossible seem achievable and, as long as we keep connecting our audiences hearts and minds in that way, they do something no other company does.”

During a break in preparations, V13 grabbed a quick chat with the show’s artistic director, Rachel Lancaster to find out about her journey into the Cirque family, being part of one of the most unique shows in existence, what her day-to-day routine consists of and, in her eyes, what makes Cirque such a magical experience for fans and performers alike.

The iconic show was revived and creatively reinterpreted in a new light in 2019, ensuring that all its components – stage direction, music, acrobatics, sets, costumes, lighting & makeup designs – would be as inspiring for today’s audiences as they were at the time of the original creation. Re-energised by an international cast of 62 acrobats, clowns, musicians, and singers, Alegría remains timeless and imbued with a joyous, magical feeling.

Alegría – In A New Light kicks off at the Royal Albert Hall for it’s European premiere on January 11th, 2024 and runs through to March 3rd, 2024. Tickets and further information are available from the Official Cirque Du Soleil Website.

Cirque Du Soleil, Rehearsal Photo by Graham Finney Photography

Cirque Du Soleil, Rehearsal Photo by Graham Finney Photography

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