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alice the g00n Unleashes Fury on Her “CYA” Music Video Premiere

Musically and visually, the alice the g00n track “CYA” indulges the human instinct to rage and break shit, to strike out against monolithic, unfeeling corporations.



alice the g00n
alice the g00n

CYA,” the new music video from rhythm and dance artist alice the g00n, delivers an audio-visual experience akin to John Wick going all Lord of the Flies on corporate America. “CYA” is the first chapter of her hard-hitting sci-fi and horror series.

Alice the g00n is the first female lead in an action music video to perform all her own fighting as well as directing the short film.

Talking about her first foray behind the camera, alice the g00n says:

“At first, I wanted to find a great director, you know, hire someone who could recreate my ideas. After I wrote out the visual and editing details for the 100-shot timeline, my close friends said: just bite the bullet and direct it.”

Because of her decades of training in the martial arts, punching, kicking, choking, and throwing were no problem for alice. The catch was adapting her skills to elude contact so no one got hurt. According to Stunt Coordinator Frank Trigg,

“We spent our first training sessions making sure Alice could dial back from kicking actual ass to just making it look like she was.”

The video depicts alice the g00n entering the headquarters of a mega-corporation, where she wreaks havoc, passing through a colossal expanse of cubicles. Entering the elevator, she ascends to ‘Accounting.’ As she is laying waste to accounting, a banner flutters to the ground: There’s safety in numbers” – dark humour at its finest.

There’s an eerie edge to the thumping rhythm and shimmering harmonics of “CYA,” highlighted by alice’s Medusa-like voice, imbuing the lyrics with dark and ruthlessly voluptuous undertones.

“You say I got a bad attitude / But I didn’t get to choose / I won’t wish you well / CYA in hell.

Musically and visually, “CYA” indulges the primal human instinct to rage and break shit, to strike out against monolithic, unfeeling corporations.

alice the g00n “CYA” single artwork

alice the g00n “CYA” single artwork

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