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Stephen Sanchez Delivers Pleasant Nostalgia to Boston’s Roadrunner Theater [Photos]

Stephen Sanchez and his band The Moon Crests transported the Roadrunner Theater audience in Boston back to the nostalgia of the 1950s.



Stephen Sanchez on Dec 1, 2023, photo by Kaitlin Prince
Stephen Sanchez on Dec 1, 2023, photo by Kaitlin Prince

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to attend an Elvis Presley concert, then you might want to check out Stephen Sanchez live. On Friday, December 1st, Sanchez performed at RoadRunner Theater in Boston. This was the 24th show on his U.S. tour with his band, The Moon Crests.

From the opening of “Something About Her,” it was clear this man knew how to work a crowd. It was also clear that his vocals were just as impressive live as they were on recordings. Having recently turned 21 years old, the release of his first full-length album, Angel Face, is a testament to his ability to lean into the style of the 1950s and 1960s. At the same time, he can still make his music relatable to the current Gen-Z generation.

Advertised as “The best 1950s concert since the 1950s.” Sanchez makes sure to live up to this not only with his vocals but also with his stage presence. Dressed and styled with a collared shirt, black pants, and his hair slicked back, Sanchez was all about the hip swivelling, pelvic thrusting and leg-shaking dance moves that had girls in the audience visibly swooning over him. Seeing him on stage felt like a glimpse into the past of a young Elvis Presley.

Sanchez’s debut album and live concert tells the story of a young singer, or “troubadour,” as Sanchez refers to him. Living in the late 1950s, he falls into a forbidden love with the girlfriend of a mob boss who owns the local venue where the troubadour performs. By listening to the album, listeners are transported to a different world and captivated by the story of the “Troubadour Sanchez” in his quest for love and his untimely death.

The same goes for Sanchez in concert. At different points throughout the show, Sanchez would pause for a moment to describe what was happening and the part of the story he was about to sing about. It’s clear that the audience loved this and played into the theme and timeline of the narrative. Many women dressed in typical 1950s and 1960s fashion, complete with poodle skirts, fancy dresses, and white bobby socks.

The only unfortunate part of the show was that Sanchez was ill. As a result, he cut three songs from the setlist. He apologized to the audience and actually ended up cancelling his show two days later, on December 3rd, at MASS Moca due to his voice being “completely thrashed.”

Despite being sick, Sanchez managed to close the show on a high note. He went into his most famous track, “Until I Found You,” which catapulted him to stardom in 2021. This beautiful love song and ballad was what first brought Sanchez into the mainstream after going viral on TikTok. Every person in the audience was singing along, and it was one of my favourite moments from the whole show.

Overall, I was blown away by Sanchez’s vocals and stage presence. The attention to detail was much appreciated. Hee and his team tailored everything from the outfits to the lighting to fit the 1950s vibe. It really made the whole experience that much more memorable and unique. This being only Sanchez’s debut album and first headlining tour, it’s clear he’s got a bright future ahead. I look forward to watching it unfold!

Following Sanchez and his band via the official site:

Hi, I’m Kaitlin! I’m an editorial and commercial photographer based out of Boston, MA. I love creating and photographing all different types of subjects. Music wise I listen to pretty much anything and my favorite thing is finding a new band or musician to obsess over.

Album News

Joseph Luca Drops Second Installment of EP Series ‘PART 2: Ouroboros (Death)’

Joseph Luca has shared the newest installment in his three-part EP series, ‘PART 2: Ouroboros (Death),’ out now via ONErpm.



Joseph Luca, photo by Ryan Berry
Joseph Luca, photo by Ryan Berry

Joseph Luca has shared the newest installment in his three-part EP series, PART 2: Ouroboros (Death), out now via ONErpm. The new five-track project follows last year’s entry, PART 1: Ouroboros (Life).

Via PART 2: Ouroboros (Death), Luca embarks on an introspective odyssey, navigating a profound shift from idealism to realism amidst the intricate realms of Love, Loss, Life, and Death. This segment unfurls as a deeply personal expedition, charting Joseph’s inner struggles and triumphs within a complex tapestry of emotions and experiences.

At the core of Luca’s journey lies a series of poignant moments, where the collision of his ideals with life’s stark truths serves as the beginning catalyst for deep self-reflection. His once unyielding idealistic perspective begins to fracture when confronted with the profound depths of life’s challenges.

It’s a journey steeped in introspection, where Joseph confronts deep-seated fears, insecurities, and long-held beliefs, leading him toward an unburdened and authentic self. Ultimately, “Ego Death” surfaces as a central theme in PART 2: Ouroboros (Death). Luca undergoes a profound shedding of outdated perceptions and attachments, cultivating a newfound resilience rooted in the acceptance of life’s impermanence. This theme highlights the intricate dance between upheaval and personal growth, emphasizing the immense capacity within individuals not just to endure but ideally, to evolve.

PART 2: Ouroboros (Death) Track Listing:

1. I Can Pull You Up
2. Peter
3. Just Go
4. Dirty Laundry
5. My Best Dancing Shoes

Joseph Luca ‘PART 2: Ouroboros (Death)’ EP album artwork

Joseph Luca ‘PART 2: Ouroboros (Death)’ EP album artwork

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George Alley Shares Single & Video for “Just Leave Me Dreaming”

George Alley shares his latest single, “Just Leave Me Dreaming,” and it is accompanied by a stunning music video to support.



George Alley, photo by Adam Peditto
George Alley, photo by Adam Peditto

George Alley is a Philadelphia-based multi-media artist whose music has been the center of his work as a composer, performer, professor, journalist podcaster, choreographer and curator. He is sharing his latest drop single, “Just Leave Me Dreaming,” and it is accompanied by a stunning music video.

First forming a band in high school with Frank Musarra of Hearts of Darknesses, whom he continues to collaborate with on this upcoming album, Alley has been releasing singles, performing and using his original music for performance and dance pieces as part of his company Alley Ink. Performance has informed his work either in his music video collaborations with Adam Peditto or as a curator for 5 years of the Philadelphia Multimedia Arts Festival Collage.

He is a frequent music contributor for the UK-based LGBT pop culture Loverboy Magazine. Interviewing a variety of notable musicians. As well as a podcaster for the top-ten iTunes comedy podcast “I’m Going to Kill You!” And The pandemic cast “Queerona.”

As a professor, he teaches courses on punk and creativity. This work informs his music through an emphasis on the DIY ethos and the philosophies of chance, spontaneity and assemblage.

After the release of a digital-only remade version of his 2017 single, Just Leave Me Dreaming, this February. Alley will be releasing his self-titled debut album, George Alley, this spring. Produced by Ian Romer with additional production from Frank Musarra, it also features musical contributions from Norma Alley (vocals), Eric Coyne (cello), Sasha Ki (violin, viola), Russel Kotchner (violin), Jack Reilly (drums), Alec Spiegelman (saxophone), and Branson Yeast (cello).

To accompany this release, a 5-song concert has been filmed and will be released along with 3 promotional music videos. A collectible run of 500 albums will be available on “transparent root beer” vinyl pressed by Gottagroove Records. Find more information and performance dates on George’s official website.

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Blueprint Music Studios Announces Rockstar Master Class with Simon Wright and Robert Sarzo

Musicians of all levels welcome Blueprint Music Studios, which is turning it up to 11 with experience in mastering the music industry.



Blueprint Music Studios Master Clinic with Simon Wright (AC/DC) And Robert Sarzo (Queensrÿche)
Blueprint Music Studios Master Clinic with Simon Wright (AC/DC) And Robert Sarzo (Queensrÿche)

Musicians of all levels should mark their calendars. Blueprint Music Studios is turning it up to 11 with an electrifying, educational, and memorable experience in mastering the music industry. Join them for the highly anticipated Blueprint Master Clinic featuring legendary musicians Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio) and Robert Sarzo (Queensrÿche, Hurricane). RSVP today on Eventbrite

Blueprint Music Studios, known for its vibrant, rockstar clientele of musicians around Ventura and Los Angeles counties, is thrilled to introduce the Blueprint Master Classes series at its Westlake Village studio. Serving as the ultimate hub for artists of all genres and ages to nurture their creativity, Blueprint is kicking off its inaugural clinic on Sunday, March 3rd, from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. This not-to-be-missed event will feature an intimate panel-format session led by music industry veterans Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio) and Robert “The VuDu Man” Sarzo (Ozzy, Hurricane, Interscope/Universal). The event is a collaboration between Blueprint Music Studios, Radford Media Group, and ReTune Wellness.

Dubbed the Blueprint “Rockstar” Master Class, this event promises attendees an immersive experience as Wright and Sarzo share invaluable insights gleaned from their illustrious careers. Hosted by Blueprint Studios owners Jasan Radford (ONESIDEZERO, CENTERSHIFT) and Ted Wenri (Bemus, CENTERSHIFT), the 5-hour class will delve into the essential elements of thriving in today’s music landscape, drawing from the mentors’ rich tapestry of successes and setbacks. With Wright’s four decades of drumming expertise and Sarzo’s iconic guitar prowess, participants are positioned to gain invaluable knowledge and inspiration to elevate their craft.

Blueprint Music Studios Master Clinic with Simon Wright (AC/DC) And Robert Sarzo (Queensrÿche)

Blueprint Music Studios Master Clinic with Simon Wright (AC/DC) And Robert Sarzo (Queensrÿche)

Event Co-partner, The Radford Media Group, is an all-inclusive music management and artist development company based out of Westlake Village. ReTune Wellness was founded by professional musicians, scientists, and board-certified doctors to provide specialized products for musicians. Since its inception in 2023, Blueprint Music Studios has emerged as a premier destination for musicians across various genres, providing a nurturing environment for practice and recording. From aspiring students to established artists, Blueprint’s dedicated team stands ready to support projects of all sizes, ensuring every artist’s vision comes to life.

Rockstar Master Class Itinerary:

– Attracting A&R and labels in today’s climate
– Best practice techniques
– Securing studio gigs
– Networking
– Marketing
– The dos and don’ts in 2024 for musicians
– How to excel at guitar and drums

Purchase Master Clinic tickets via Eventbrite

When – March 3rd, 2024
Where – Blueprint Studios
Time – 11:30 am – 4:30 pm PST
Cost – $299.99
Address – 31143 Via Colinas ##506 Westlake Village, CA 91362
Phone – 818.874.3090

Blueprint Music Studios Master Class flyer

Blueprint Music Studios Master Class flyer

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