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Marc Whitmore to Release His Sophomore Album ‘mirages’ in January 2024

2022 “Album of the Year” GRAMMY® -winning engineer Marc Whitmore announces his instrumental sophomore album, mirages!



Marc Whitmore, photo by Jordan van der Weyden (Equal Parts)
Marc Whitmore, photo by Jordan van der Weyden (Equal Parts)

Marc Whitmore, a two-time GRAMMY® nominee and the 2022 winner of the prestigious “Album of the Year” award for his engineering efforts, has announced the release of his 13-track sophomore album — mirages — to take place on Friday, January 19th.

Whitmore has established himself as a sought-after engineer, producer, and mixer due to his fervent dedication to musicality. Within his unique Santa Fe, New Mexico studio, the fragrance of burning incense fills the air as lava lamps cast a warm glow on his GRAMMY® perched atop a vintage amplifier. Musicians, drawn from both near and far, experience a studio session characterized by the relaxed, amiable, and knowledgeable demeanour of Whitmore.

He is eager to give the world mirages, an experimental instrumental album inspired by the expansive beauty of the New Mexico wilderness. Leveraging his proficiency in multiple instruments, Whitmore crafts an immersive auditory journey. Percussion echoes the sounds of distant rattlesnakes, and the raspy guitar propels the listener’s adventurous spirit into uncharted territories, guiding them through a stunning, sun-drenched landscape.

Whitmore elaborates:

mirages, draws the listener into a series of previously unexplored sonic territories. The listener, thrust into this hazy, fuzzed-out desert dreamland, will experience experimental and unconventional soundscapes. This guitar-driven concept album not only explores a vast array of genres and production styles, but is an experiment in the fidelity, harmony, and space of recorded music. I intend for the mirages to escape one’s stereo and fill the room with an undeniable intensity and strength.”

mirages Track Listing:

“heat hazer”
“flora fatale”
“lost in ojito”
“sundown wind”
“string beans”
“diablo canyon”

Marc Whitmore ‘mirages’ album artwork

Marc Whitmore ‘mirages’ album artwork

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