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190 Proof

190 Proof: Hannah Ellis Discusses How Alcohol Fits Into Her Busy Life

We know country pop star Hannah Ellis enjoys “Wine Country,” so she joins us today for a 190 Proof interview to talk about drinking.



Hannah Ellis, photo by Robby Klein
Hannah Ellis, photo by Robby Klein

It may be her debut album, but this is far from Hannah Ellis’ first rodeo. The singer-songwriter is set to release her first full-length That Girl on January 12th via Curb Records. She is already well-known and highly regarded within her own musical community, having helped write songs for other artists for over a decade now. That’s all been pushed to the side, at least for now, as Ellis steps into the spotlight with That Girl. She recently revealed her new single, “Too Much And Not Enough,” both a poignant and personal song indicative of what to expect on the record.

A native of Kentucky, Ellis is an artist we have made sure to feature previously. That Girl features 13 new tracks that she either wrote or co-wrote. With her songwriting background, the album is not as raw as what you’d expect from a debut release. The songs are well-written, radio-friendly, and particularly emotive. She takes a fearless approach, not afraid to show her vulnerable side. With That Girl, Ellis has fully embraced her small-town roots and shows the confidence expected of a seasoned songwriter.

Today, we pushed music to the side and connected with Hannah Ellis for something a little more carefree. Ellis joins us for our latest 190 Proof interview, discussing drinks, preferences, weird alcoholic beverages, and more.

First things first: Beer, wine, or liquor?

Hannah Ellis: “I will normally drink whatever I am offered, but I prefer wine or tequila!”

What’s the most unique/strangest/most batshit thing you’ve ever had to drink? Describe the experience.

“The first thing that comes to mind is something called a Scorpion Bowl. It is a drink served at tiki bars in a huge bowl, and comes with typically five straws for sharing. The last time I had one of these, my friend and husband and I ended up sharing it with two strangers at the bar because it was so big (laughs)!”

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done under the influence?

“One time, my husband had walked our friends out after a dinner party, and when he came back inside, I was dancing around the kitchen with our cat, crying because one day she would be gone. I was very much in my feelings.”

Hannah Ellis and friends at a bar

Hannah Ellis and friends at a bar

Do you prefer to drink at home or out? If the latter, do you have a preferred locale?

“I would have to say home. We have a lot of great wine and enjoy making cocktails, so that tends to be more my vibe.”

If you got to have a drink with anyone from history, who would it be?

“I would probably have to have a pint or an ale with C.S. Lewis.”

Who’s your ideal drinking partner?

“Definitely my husband. We like a lot of the same wines and cocktails, and we treat it more like a hobby than just a way to drink.”

What is your favourite brewery/vineyard/winery/distillery you’ve ever visited? What made the experience so special?

“Wow, that is too hard to choose, so I will give you a few. Makers Mark Distillery is eight miles from my dad’s house and is the first distillery I ever went to and the most beautiful (in my opinion). One of my favourite vineyards/wineries would have to be Chappellet in Napa Valley. It is great wine, beautiful views, wonderful people, and it is where I shot the music video for my song ‘Wine Country,’ so it is definitely sentimental for me.”

You only get to listen to one album, but it’s only when you drink, and it’s for the rest of your life. What is it?

“Another hard question! But I think I have to go with Rumors by Fleetwood Mac.”

Describe your worst hangover. Ever.

“After my birthday one year, my mom came into town to take me to breakfast and around the town, and I couldn’t even get out of bed until 1 pm. I eventually rallied, but it was not my best moment.”

Hannah Ellis with cocktail

Hannah Ellis with cocktail

Do you like to write music while or after drinking?

“You know, not typically. I would say the exception is when I am on a writer’s retreat. Otherwise, I find it to be a bit distracting, and I will get more sidetracked. If I am drinking and writing on a retreat, I will have some wine because it is a more relaxed writing environment.”

Which city has your best drunken memory… and what is it?

“This one is pretty easy. I went to Charleston for my bachelorette party, and it was not long after the bars there were back open after the pandemic. A lot of my friends had not been out in a year and a half, so to say the night was epic is an understatement. All my best friends in one city again after all that time and dancing and my sister trying to wrangle us home at the end is one of my most cherished memories.”

Hannah Ellis “Wine Country” single artwork

Hannah Ellis “Wine Country” single artwork

What’s the worst (or best) dive bar you’ve ever gone drinking to?

“So many great ones in so many cities. But it is hard to beat The Batter’s Box right here in Nashville. It is a bar in a trailer that is across the street from my first apartment in Nashville. It used to have a karaoke setup, and when I first moved to town my friends and I would hang out there every weekend. So many memories in that little trailer.”

Tour Dates:

12/15 – Christmas Show/The Listening Room Cafe – Nashville, TN
01/20 – The Grand Ole Opry – Nashville, TN (Headlining)
04/05 – Tortuga Music Festival – Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL
06/14 – 06/16 –  Summer Country Festival – Santa Rosa, CA

Hannah Ellis drinking wine with husband Nick Wayne

Hannah Ellis drinking wine with husband Nick Wayne

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