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Challenger Deep Premiere Their Heavy-as-an-Anvil Album ‘III. The Path’

Belarusian band Challenger Deep premiere more intelligently crafted music via their brand-new recording, ‘III. The Path.’



Challenger Deep

Belarusian band Challenger Deep makes heavy music. Really heavy music. The Eastern European act claims that it’s their homeland’s especially chilly winter climate that provides the perfect backdrop for their sound and creation thereof. Hit play on any one of their past tracks, and you’ll be greeted with a frosty and skilful mixture of black metal, hardcore, and post-metal.

The intelligently crafted music is yet again on display on the group’s brand-new recording, III. The Path, which premieres worldwide today, December 22nd, 2024! Fans of acts such as Amia Venera Landscape, Downfall Of Gaia, and The Ocean Collective should take note of these guys – you’ll be pleased.

While Challenger Deep has been mostly quiet since the 2014 release of their album, Irreversible, this new offering is a hurricane of emotions as well as an exercise in tension. There’s a healthy balance of aggression and calm throughout the record, not falling on one extreme or the other. With no two songs on the album sounding the exact same, it’s a recording that’s been years in the making.

Commenting on the release, the band shared the following:

“The story of a man who, while watching the day-to-day disasters, sacrifices everything to eventually find peace. Was this all in vain?”

The band is planning on hitting the EU for a tour in the Spring, and you can follow them for updates and upcoming shows right here.

III. The Path Track Listing:

1. Sacrifice
2. Filth
3. Passion
4. Confidence
5. Indifference
6. Joy

Challenger Deep ‘III. The Path’ album artwork

Challenger Deep ‘III. The Path’ album artwork