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Taylor Pearlstein Shares New Single “Back Away” from New EP ‘Perfect Blue’

Indie artist Taylor Pearlstein shares “Back Away,” the second single from her forthcoming EP ‘Perfect Blue.’



Taylor Pearlstein

Taylor Pearlstein shares the second single off her recently announced forthcoming EP Perfect Blue. “Back Away” introduces the atmosphere of isolation. The entire song exists in a bedroom but distorts far beyond that.

Commenting on the song, Taylor states:

“‘Back Away’ introduces the atmosphere of isolation. The entire song exists in a bedroom, but distorts far beyond that.”

Perfect Blue tells a disorienting story of self-delusion, reality weaving, and over-romanticizing to the edge of our own destruction and misery. This five-track EP wastes no time diving deep into our dark desire to be wanted, purely and perfectly. With intentionally oversaturated and distorted orchestration shifted against an exposing reality, we struggle to parse what is real from fabrication.

Taylor Pearlstein’s music can be described as achy, watery indie folk pop from a Bushwick bedroom.


Her roots lie in the Seattle area, as she hails from the sleepy, Lynchian small-town mountains of the Snoqualmie Valley. Taylor’s forested paths vein through her imagery-led storytelling and take form in visceral orchestration. She takes inspiration from artists like Laura Marling, Weyes Blood, Phoebe Bridgers, and LEÓN. Live, she and her guitar surrender to her world of lyrics, melting audiences with her into the emotional current. Her sound strikes with powerful vocals and takes root in earnest folk storytelling and feeling.

Her recent single release, “Nashville,” is an aching love letter to the paths not taken, with echoes of country-pop influence. The single “So Far” is a dancing-with-tears-in-my-eyes anthem, while her upcoming EP dives more deeply than previous releases into her darker, open-veined folk side that emerges on stage and remains to be seen in her streaming discography.

Taylor Pearlstein ‘Perfect Blue’ EP album artwork

Taylor Pearlstein ‘Perfect Blue’ EP album artwork