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Stray From The Path (w/ Make Them Suffer) Rage with Fans at Leeds Stylus [Photos]

Long Island metallic hardcore crew Stray From The Path head up a night of pure rage at Leeds Stylus. Photos from the pit can be found here…



Stray From The Path, photo by Graham Finney Photography

Hearing that when Stray From The Path’s current UK tour hit London, things got a “little rowdy” certainly got me hyped up for a decent night when the same bill rolled into Leeds despite it being a fairly grim November night upon arriving at Stylus.

Work commitments meant missing Japanese openers Knosis, so finally arriving at the back end of Void of Vision’s set, it was nice to see a busy dancefloor already in full mosh mode, setting the tone for the remainder of this evening of pit raging.

Australian metallic hardcore outfit Make Them Suffer, the main support for the tour, was next to ramp things up and did so in style. Unapologetically ferocious, the Australian crew whipped the crowd into circle pits while bodies started to spit over the barrier to mosh-friendly anthems like “Fake Your Own Death” and “Contraband,” while “Doomswitch” and an epic “Erase Me” were the perfect way to prime this crowd for the headliners.

Now, if you’ve seen Long Island rap/metal/hardcore quartet Stray From The Path before, you’ll know that they’re a formidable outfit both on record and in the live arena, and here in Leeds, they lived up to that reputation. Packing the crunch of metalcore, the fury of hardcore and the mosh and groove of modern metal, the band pummelled through their twelve-song set, spitting out the likes of “Chest Candy” and “Neighborhood Watch” with even more fury than their recorded counterparts.


Over and over again, a decent-sized pit swirled about in front of the stage as the New York outfit continued to spray the crowd with crunch-soaked grooves and fury-laced words. Vocalist Andrew Dijorio orchestrated the chaos on the dancefloor, leading the band through a vicious rendition of “Fortune Teller,” but, all too soon, things were over, and this decent-sized crowd filed out into a chilly Yorkshire night to catch their breath after an evening of ferocity deep in the heart of the city.

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