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Kibby Changes Things Up for the Premiere of His Album ‘Not Not Cool Anymore’

Staying true to his promise to release one album every year, Kibby releases his new more rock-oriented record, ‘Not Not Cool Anymore.’



Kibby, photo by Victoria Hill

Songs and albums don’t just create themselves; ambition does, and Kibby is an artist with a whole lot of that. Today, the New York City singer-songwriter reveals his brand new record, Not Not Cool Anymore. This is his fourth studio record in as many years, keeping to a promise he made to himself.

Accompanying the idea for Kibby back in 2018 was an ambitious goal to write and record music at a near rapid-fire pace. The intention was to release one album a year for an entire decade. In an industry where you are lucky to get an album from your favourite artist every few years, it emphasizes Kibby’s determination and commitment to his art. He has stayed true to his promise thus far, with his debut Seance Rock released in 2020.

Commenting on Not Not Cool Anymore, Kibby tells us:

“I’m proud and eager to be able to release this album out into the world. Not Not Cool Anymore has felt like a real turning point for Kibby as a band/project right from the start. The whole approach to the album was different: stripped down, more raw, more aggressive. I guess upon listening back to the album now, about a year after it was started, I am able to see that the songs center around the idea of dealing with the decisions you have made in life.

“I think in hard times people have an instinct to settle into regret or simply avoidance. When you can finally push past those initial instincts you have to deal with some pain, but end up knowing why you actually did the things you did and how you got to where you are now. Any regret no longer seems to fit into the story. So you are left with a bit more understanding and a bit more strength to keep on going.”


There are many differentiating factors between Not Not Cool Anymore and its three predecessors. It’s his heaviest and most raw record to date, defined by its distorted guitars and decisive drumming. It still features the catchy hooks and radio-friendly rhythms of the previous albums, but it is Kibby’s most gritty and live concert-appropriate album yet. You notice that within its heavier, sludgier, guitar-driven sound.

Themed around disappointment, struggle, and growth, it’s also his most mature release. Kibby began work on the album last year when he relocated from Queens to Manhattan. It feels like a natural progression from his third record, Ta Da. That album featured more live drumming and a broader sound. With several years and albums to go, Kibby seems like an artist still on the cusp of something even more groundbreaking.

Kibby ‘Not Not Cool Anymore’ album artwork

Kibby ‘Not Not Cool Anymore’ album artwork