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Shane Rennison Debuts His New EP ‘Nice To Meet You’

Shane Rennison has released his newest EP ‘Nice to Meet You’—recorded alongside the the multi-talented artist, Julian Giamo.



Shane Rennison; photo by Mike Bloom

Hailing from the Catskills of New York, Shane Rennison has released his newest EP, Nice to Meet You—recorded alongside the multi-talented artist Julian Giamo. Rennison is a talented pianist and guitarist who joined forces with Giano after coming on to the music scene, and the two began their co-writing journey.

The result is this heartfelt and emotive collection of songs displaying a fresh pop-synth sound with nostalgic instrumentals reminiscent of Passion Pit and Harry Styles.

Nice To Meet You opens with “Cold Winter” with contemplative piano motifs and brass harmonies. The track incorporates a surprising ending with soaring vocals and intricate instrumentals that leave you wanting more.

When asked about the second track, “Ghost,” Rennison said:


“[‘Ghost’] was about trying to deal with emotions when a person you really cared about all of a sudden starts treating you differently.”

The album continues with several more pieces that showcase aspects of funk and 90s rock—a variety of composition that skillfully tells relatable stories of lost love, relational damage, and insecurity.

Nice to Meet You by Shane Rennison is now streaming on all platforms—listen below:

Nice To Meet You by Shane Rennison

Nice To Meet You by Shane Rennison