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JB Elwood Premieres His Impassioned New Single “Far Away”

Singer-songwriter JB Elwood encourages you to pursue your dreams with his uplifting and heartfelt new single “Far Away.”



JB Elwood, photo by Cindy Natalia

Sometimes, you must put your dreams above all else, which JB Elwood reminds us of in his new single “Far Away.” Heartfelt and genuine, the song is uplifting and inspiring, an empowering anthem for all who long for something more. You can hear the passion within the singer-songwriter’s voice as he really captures the essence of courage and resilience within his profound and emotional words.

Known for his unique storytelling ability, this song is likely to tug a little bit on those emotional heartstrings. It’s a song that’s easy to like, not just for its subject matter but also because it’s easy on the ears. It doesn’t matter what genre of music you like. Elwood is the kind of artist who is able to just make you feel good.

Describing “Far Away” in greater detail, Elwood states:

“‘Far Away’ is about leaving everything you have ever known behind to chase after your dreams. This song is for all the dreamers in the world who have given up a lot to chase after what they want in life and are still standing strong even in the face of adversity. Leaving home can be scary because that is your safety net. But taking a risk in life is the exciting part, even when it does not come easily at first, because those struggles are what become your story. That is what life is all about.”

As a songwriter, Elwood really leans on emotion to paint a picture for the listener. His songs are extremely relatable, appealing to common life experiences that we all face. Ambition and persistence have carried him far in his own career. So, it’s no surprise that they are focal points of his songwriting.


The stories within Elwood’s music come from a life full of memorable moments and experiences. He has lived in various locations across the United States, with Austin, Texas, now the place he calls home. Being a place where music is a focal point of local culture, it’s a place where Elwood’s ambitions are welcomed. There is very much a classic singer-songwriter influence within his music, a tribute to his grandfathers, who were both musicians. Blending pop, folk, and rock, “Far Away” is a testament to Elwood’s unique ability to really connect with his audience in the most candid of ways.

JB Elwood “Far Away” single artwork

JB Elwood “Far Away” single artwork