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GEWALT Release New Single “Trans/Monika In Scherben” Single

Berlin-based industrial/new wave band Gewalt has released their new double single “Trans/Monika In Scherben” via Clouds Hill.



GEWALT, photo by Jana Edisonga

Berlin-based rage wave sensation Gewalt has released their eleventh single, “Trans/Monika In Scherben,” via Clouds Hill. With this single release and almost two years after the release of their debut album Paradies, the Berlin/Vienna quartet consisting of 808, Helen Henfling, Jasmin Rilke, and Patrick Wagner announces their second studio album, Doppeldenk. Starting with the new single, Gewalt continues exploring the topic of duality and dualism in the modern society.

Patrick explains:

“We thought Orwell wanted to warn us writing 1984 but it turned out that society took it as a blueprint. We grow up in a paradox now, where war is peace and where we have to gender perfectly and have to know what a cuckold is at the same time.”

Diving deep into the human soul captured in a dysfunctional environment Gewalt present a prelude to their upcoming LP. Both songs, in their distinctiveness, are undoubtedly the most digestible offerings Gewalt has presented so far. While “Monika in Scherben” tackles a violent shoegaze idea and creates a “soul-tearing epic,” the band has successfully crafted a post-punk, industrial, rock n’ roll gem with “Trans.”

This a physical-only-release. Pre-orders can be made here. Or directly from the Gewalt shop here.

Tour Dates:


11/11 – Aachen Neuer Kunstverein, Aachen
11/25 – Wien – Arena / Große Halle (+ Fuzzmann)
11/29 – Berlin – Berghain + (Ambassade) (tbc)

GEWALT “Trans/Monika In Scherben” single artwork

GEWALT “Trans/Monika In Scherben” single artwork