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Choirz Release Their Emotionally Charged “Never Enough” Music Video

Canadian electro-pop duo Choirz have released their new music video for “Never Enough,” the first single from their upcoming new EP.




Never Enough,” the first single from the forthcoming sophomore EP by Canadian electro-pop duo Choirz, oozes post-wave shimmering harmonies with hard rhythms set against gnawing guitar leads as it relays the agony of outgrowing a situation.

The track explores the depths of human emotion, unveiling a rich tapestry woven with the threads of love, loss, yearning, and the profound sense of emptiness and disconnect. Choirz guides listeners through the gut-wrenching experience of clinging to affection for a person or a place, recognizing that this cherished connection falls short of filling the void within.

Choirz, who hail from Pembroke, Ontario, emerged from the diverse experiences of lifelong friends Brandon Kennedy and Christopher Chartrand. Kennedy had been a member of several Canadian rock and metal bands, including Goat Horn, Zuku, and Flying Fortress. Chartrand was a member of Kill Cheerleader, Aciidz, Zuku, and was the live drummer for Crystal Castles, together with songwriter/musician Jed Corriveau, who does not perform live with the duo, craft haunting electro-pop soundscapes, blending intricate synth rhythms with emotionally charged lyrics that delve into the depths of heartbreak.

Kennedy states:


“There has always been a sort of serendipitous magic around Choirz. I was at a crossroads in my life when Jed originally reached out to share a bounty of electronic tracks he had been working on, which ultimately sparked the idea of Choirz. Not only did I see them as innovative, but as a lifeline out of the personal chokehold I was in.”

Complementing this emotional powerhouse of a track is the deliberately lo-fi music video starring Brandon Kennedy. In this visually evocative narrative, Kennedy embodies the role of a solitary and bewildered scarecrow who has broken free from his post, wandering through the vast countryside. The desolate imagery mirrors the song’s theme of yearning for something more, depicting a character who is lost, disconnected, and seeking a way forward.

Catch Choirz live on November 30th at Piranha Bar in Montreal and December 1st at Hard Luck Bar in Toronto.

Choirz “Never Enough” album artwork

Choirz “Never Enough” album artwork