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Human Missile Crisis Premiere Their Music Video for “Too Long”

Dartmouth garage rockers Human Missile Crisis have the spirit of garage rock on their side with their new music video for “Too Long.”



Human Missile Crisis

When it comes to partying and being young, there are many “highs” and lows, as Human Missile Crisis draws our attention to in their new single “Too Long.” The song is off the band’s latest record, Liquor Store Stories.

Along with the recent release of the single comes the official music video. The clip gives you a good look at these Dartmouth rockers in action. With fuzzed-out guitars and a garage rock spirit, these three young men know how to command a stage. The video captures what they do best: play live. The band members pride themselves on being a high-octane live act. That’s what the video is meant to emphasize: guys who can rock a stage like they rocked their parents’ garage growing up.

Discussing “Too Long” and its thematic and musical components, singer and guitarist DJ Vaters states:

“We always joked that this is our radio rock big-time Grammy-winning hit even though lyrically the content is far from any of that. This song is literally about going out and partying and getting so high that you think you’re going to die. This is while having somebody at home worrying about you while you’re out and them not knowing if you’re even going to make it back alive. Speaking from my own personal life events, unfortunately.

“Musically, it’s pretty much a straight-up rock song with a bit of a weird bridge that sort of plays out like a fun night on the town but then things start to get weird and out of control, thankfully though it all comes back together and you finally get to sleep at the end of the night.”


Vaters is joined in Human Missile Crisis by his longtime friends, Justin Boutilier and Matt MacIsaac. They all used to play in the band Violent Theory, while Boutilier and MacIsaac played together in Elk Lodge. All originally from Cape Breton, they set up shop in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where there’s more of a music scene. Their goal is to make punk-infused garage rock, with a priority on fuzzed-out guitars. They’ve been going heavy at the local bar scene and all-age venues since before the pandemic.

The band has a lot to say about the more relatable things in life: relationships, depression, drugs, alcohol… There isn’t much of a preconceived goal behind it all except to rock out and have fun along the way. It’s a no-boundaries, no-bullshit policy, and fueled by that mindset, there’s no question that they’ve really got it going on.

Liquor Store Stories Track Listing:

1. Do You Remember – 3:00
2. The Spark – 4.22
3. Haunted Home – 2:28
4. Problems – 4:00
5. Blackwater – 3:30
6. Distant Memory – 4:02
7. Liquor Store Stories – 4:40
8. Too Long – 4:03
9. Mr Pryor – 4:16

Human Missile Crisis ‘Liquor Store Stories’ album artwork

Human Missile Crisis ‘Liquor Store Stories’ album artwork