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Miss Randall Doles Out the Riffs with the Premiere of Her “Desertations” Video

Miss Randall premieres the music video for her rocking new single “Desertations,” off her upcoming new record ‘Desertations Vol. 1.’



Miss Randall, photo by Reed Calder

We hope your neck doesn’t hurt because it’s time for some headbanging today, courtesy of Miss Randall. Today, she unveils the official music video for her new single “Desertations,” from her Desertations Vol. 1 record. With the record due out on November 10th, the single will tide you over and offer you a preview of what’s to come on the full-length. The ”riff-rocker” is such a fundamental element of all eras of rock n’ roll, and “Desertations” is exactly that.

It’s a slick, grooving, enormously satisfying tune that has everything every great rock song should have. It also has a very classic feel to it, something missing from a lot of the guitar riff-based music of today. Not a lot of acts are able to reinterpret the ’70s guitar sound very effectively. But not every act is like Miss Randall, a well-established, extremely versatile songwriter, instrumentalist, drummer, and performer.

Commenting on “Desertations,” Miss Randall tells us:

“‘Desertations’ is my take on the epic journey that is going into the desert, its symbolic mysticism, and the entheogens that help us get to the other side.”

As an artist, Miss Randall prides herself on her eclectic skill set. With Desertations Vol. 1, she successfully illustrates that she’s much more than just a drummer but a very capable frontwoman. She has been on a huge roll as of late, releasing a few new singles since the summertime. One of those singles includes her own interpretation of “The Crystal Ship,” one of the most highly regarded songs ever recorded by The Doors.


While Desertations Vol. 1 is more of a traditional rock record, Miss Randall is also known for her abilities as a heavy metal artist. She has been a part of several metal albums and songs, including her former band, Rusty Eye. Formed in Mexico City and now based in Los Angeles, Rusty Eye has enjoyed a very successful run as an underground metal act.

In conjunction with her metal past, Miss Randall has been working on a metal album with Waldemar Sorychta. The German producer has worked with Tiamat, Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, and many more. Miss Randall’s driven spirit has taken her a long way. No matter the genre or the sound, you know you’re in for something epic with her involved.

Miss Randall “Desertations” single artwork

Miss Randall “Desertations” single artwork