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Maisie Peters and Gretta Ray Cast a Pop Spell Over Sold-Out Leeds O2 Academy [Photos]

Pop sensation Maisie Peters continues her meteoric rise with a glitzy display at Leeds O2 Academy. Check out the photos and review here…



Maisie Peters by Graham Finney Photography

It’s been a huge year for singer-songwriter Maisie Peters, who is riding high on a wave of popularity following a year touring with her label manager Ed Sheeran. Hitting the road for this, her own headline tour, in support of her recently released new album, The Good Witch, tickets for this run have been flying out of the door.

Often labelled as our own Taylor Swift, Peters is joined on this run by fellow pop princess, Australian Gretta Ray, who may only get a short seven-song set but, judging by the reaction from this young crowd in Leeds, has plenty of fans in attendance. Like the headliner, Ray packs plenty of “glitzy pop” into her time on stage, sharing more than a passing likeness for the aforementioned pop superstar. Ray has racked up some serious air miles to perform just seven songs, but seeing how quickly the likes of “Heartbreak Baby” connected with the crowd, it looks like it was worth every single one.

Fresh off a Stateside headline tour, British singer-songwriter Maisie Peters can seemingly do no wrong at the moment. Her profile has gone through the roof, but, quite honestly, as she bounds onto the stage, grinning from ear to ear and full of young popstar energy, it’s easy to see why the world has fallen under her spell.

Perfect for the teen pop audience, Peters is a ball of energy, and the atmosphere around the room is positively crackling. Given her rise in profile over the last twelve months, you do get the feeling that the singer-songwriter has now outgrown venues of this size. The likes of “Coming of Age,” “Run,” “John Hughes Movie,” and “The Band and I” are pristine slices of modern pop delivered by someone who has ‘pop superstar’ written all over her.

Where next for Peters, then? Well, there’s the rest of this UK tour before the small matter of her own headline show at Wembley Arena next month to wrap it all up; then, 2024 will see her back out on the road to support Sheeran again. After that, and on the evidence of tonight, literally, anything is possible for one of the bright hopes for British pop music.

For all her news and tour dates, head over to Maisie’s official website.

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