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Hallie Spoor Releases Her Brand New EP ‘Heart Like Thunder’

Brooklyn indie folk singer-songwriter Hallie Spoor is pleased to be releasing her brand new EP ‘Heart Like Thunder.’



Hallie Spoor, photo by Sierra Voss

Today, Brooklyn-based indie folk singer-songwriter Hallie Spoor shares her long-awaited EP Heart Like Thunder.

Offering an extensive explanation of the album’s creation, Spoor states, “Heart Like Thunder tells the painful truth that when things get difficult, sometimes it’s easier to slip away than try. Yet, ironically, writing and recording Heart Like Thunder allowed me to do just the opposite: to live authentically, to rewrite my stories in their purest, truest versions. When I look at this record as a whole, I realize that I’m much more honest, and far wiser. In songs about my life than I am in my real life. Writing these songs gave me the chance to reframe experiences in a way that healed me. In place of villains and martyrs, now I could see the characters as both flawed and beautiful.

“I started writing Heart Like Thunder in 2018 in a cabin in Woodstock, New York, towards the end of a chaotic relationship with an addict. After months of sadness. I picked up my pen and started writing ‘Julia,’ about my ex’s best friend. In real life, I was angry that he chose her. In the song, I understood that she was who he was meant for all along. Not necessarily in a romantic context, but because they shared a soul connection.

“I found myself reflecting on all my relationships, wondering what it would be like if I were able to rewrite these stories and have real, uncomplicated closure, like the ending of Annie Hall when Alvy runs into Annie, and they have lunch in a sunny diner. He parts ways with his former love remembering how great she is, and how happy he is to have known her. He says, ‘You know, we’re always trying to get things to come out perfect in art because it’s so difficult in life.’


“What does ‘perfect’ sound like on this album? It’s seeing my grandmother, Geraldine, in her early 30s riding horses in the San Juan Mountains. It’s imagining my ex getting sober, and us walking hand in hand when we’re 70 remembering that screaming match we had in the West Village, and laughing about it. And it’s choosing to pursue my dreams instead of being afraid. If Heart Like Thunder has a unifying theme, it’s hope.”

Heart Like Thunder is produced by Hallie Spoor, Stephen Chen (Behaviorist, Ghost Funk Orchestra, San Fermin), and Ted Young (Grammy Award winning producer Kurt Vile, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, Andrew W.K., The Gaslight Anthem, and Sonic Youth). The record is arranged by Spoor and Stephen Chen. Instrumentals include drums by JT Bates (Taylor Swift, Bonny Light Horseman, Ed Sheeran, Anais Mitchell, Cassandra Jenkins), and Nick Baker (La Lom), Bass by Noah Evan Wilson. Electric guitar and tiple by Jacob Matheus (Allegra Krieger, Katie Martucci, Drinking Bird). Violin by Lily Desmond (Sloppy Jane, Brian Falduto). Cello by Elisa Winter. Woodwinds (clarinet, flute, saxophone) by Stephen Chen. Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano by Hallie Spoor, All songs written by Hallie Spoor.

Heart Like Thunder Track Listing:

1. County Road 458
2. Goodbye
3. Julia
4. Diamond Ring
5. Heart Like Thunder
6. Geraldine
7. Shenandoah

Hallie Spoor ‘Heart Like Thunder’ EP album artwork

Hallie Spoor ‘Heart Like Thunder’ EP album artwork