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Down North Premieres Their Musing “She’s Living In My Radio” Music Video

Funk rockers Down North pay tribute to the many muses in rock history with the premiere of their “She’s Living In My Radio” music video.



Down North, photo courtesy of Down North

Funk, soul, and rock have all found a place to co-exist and thrive in the sound of Down North. You can hear it loud and clear in their new single, “She’s Living In My Radio.” Today, we debut the upbeat, bouncy accompanying music video, one of those “get up and dance” types of clips.

There’s lots of positivity in the air on this one as Down North frontman Anthony Briscoe pays tribute to the many unknown faces that have inspired many now legendary songs. “She’s Living In My Radio” is one of the upbeat new tracks you’ll find on their new record, Volume 2 – No Restraint.

Explaining the inspiration for She’s Living In My Radio,” Briscoe says:

“This song is about all of the girls who were muses, and you never knew their names in the songs that we love. The crazy part about it is sometimes some of these girls were the same person. So we took that idea and said hey, what if all these women was actually just one woman all the way from the Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’ to ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye to Prince’s ‘Raspberry Beret.’ Or maybe she was the seamstress for Elton’s band and maybe she was ‘Jessie’s Girl.’ It’s an ode to the muse.”

Down North is a well-rounded, psychedelic-infused punk soul band. But really, they seamlessly jump in between genres and somehow make it all work. Like many others, it was a tough time for them through the pandemic and the lockdowns. And while it delayed them in releasing new music, they were eventually able to get it right. They viewed the recording of Volume 2 – No Restraint as an opportunity to inject their live magic into their recorded music. Down North has become known as a standout live act, so they wanted their records to show that.


The record is funky but not in the traditional sense. It’s grounded within the traditions of pop music, but it has a punk rock energy not typical of your average funk record. This is part of what’s so great about this band; they are impossible to categorize. So it’s best to focus on the power of the music and the celebratory aspect of it all.

Down North ‘Vol 2 - No Restraint’ album artwork

Down North ‘Vol 2 – No Restraint’ album artwork