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Annie O’Malley Shares “Celebrations & Obsessive Thaughts” Lyric Video

LA songwriter Annie O’Malley shares her newest single and lyric video, “Celebrations & Obsessive Thaughts.”



Annie O’malley, photo by Matt Nelson

Annie O’Malley, a multi-talented songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, has been on an impressive journey since she introduced her debut track, “chase me down,” to the world back in 2018. Her musical odyssey was deeply influenced by her formative years in a small town just outside of Chicago, and now, she thrives in the dynamic and creative music hub of Los Angeles. Music has been her unwavering companion since her early days, a medium she carefully wields to express her life’s experiences and innermost musings. Check out the artist’s latest single, “Celebrations & Obsessive Thaughts,” which dropped on October 27th.

Her distinctive style, which she playfully calls ‘temper tantrum pop’ blended with singer-songwriter elements, stands as a candid view of her inner creativity and emotion. Growing up in an environment that often shunned those who deviated from the norm, Annie sought refuge in her artistic endeavours. She developed a distinctive approach, embracing deliberately misspelled song titles and lyrics as a means to nurture and validate her inner child. It serves as a poignant reminder that there’s no fixed formula for creating art.

Over the years, she has embarked on tours alongside the iconic 1970s progressive rock pioneers Chicago, and graced the stage with the young and vibrant rapper Phora. Her debut album, Skrapbook, which she unveiled just last year, distilled her life’s narrative up to that point. Following this milestone, she delivered the EP titled The Koldest Season, and now, she eagerly prepares for the release of her second album, slated to arrive in the spring of 2024.

This track received its magic touch from none other than Nydge, renowned for crafting tracks with the likes of Mas Tsai and Mothica. Mixing was entrusted to JJ Catalyst, the sonic architect behind hits for TYGR TYGR and Dylvn. The outcome is a meticulously crafted pop masterpiece with an independent spirit. It keeps its heart and soul intact while sprinkling in irresistible, hook-laden moments that will seize your senses and never let go.


Annie O’Malley “Celebrations & Obsessive Thaughts” single artwork

Annie O’Malley “Celebrations & Obsessive Thaughts” single artwork

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