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Molly Maguires Premiere Their Short Film for “Mercy Brown Will Have Her Revenge on New England”

Molly Maguires premiere their short film for “Mercy Brown Will Have Her Revenge on New England,” from their album ‘You Were Right All Along.’



Molly Maguires in 2023, photo by Ryan Harackiewicz

With Halloween arriving tomorrow, it feels like a good time for something ghastly from our friends in Molly Maguires. Today, we help to unveil the band’s new music video for “Mercy Brown Will Have Her Revenge on New England.”

From their latest album, You Were Right All Along, we helped premiere this song earlier this year. Shot more like a short film, it’s an ambitious new clip that takes you from the cemetery to the church with some humorous moments along the way, including a nice little slow dance in the woods to close things out. It’s been a busy year for Molly Maguires, and this is their way of closing things out in style. And for an act that likes to keep things light and spooky, they’ve done a stellar job of that.

With some perspective on the new video, lead singer JJ Sorensen states:

“This video was conceived to be a sequel to the video for ‘No Reason to Run.’ The same characters that (bassist) Nate (Johnson) and I portrayed in the ‘No Reason to Run’ video are reprised in this video and we’re trying to explore the B horror genre further and in different ways. We bring in the classic campy comedic elements in the beginning sequence in this one with the help of Half Baked Horns acting ‘as themselves.’”

“We very intentionally used different stylistic and visual approaches and a different director in the style of your Alien/Aliens scenario. Different visions from different creators working with the same theme. But we also intentionally kept the same film noir and psychological thriller elements in the plot and in character development. These two videos very much work together and are designed to be seen back to back to fully understand the storyline. Oh, and Meghan Earle as a vampire is pretty damned cool too…”


Through hard work and obvious talent, Molly Maguires has become a very noticeable act within their native New England. Sorensen and Earle formed the band in 2019 and have released two full-lengths and an EP since. Next up comes You Were Right All Along, arguably the most accomplished album they have yet to record. The record will feature full-on rock anthems, along with some glowing ballads intermixed in. Sorensen and Earle’s songwriting is more mature and refined now, with more melody scattered throughout. There’s certainly an element of darkness within their sound, but it’s evened out with a dash of hope and optimism. It’s a balancing act that they very capably cultivate and control.

Molly Maguires “Mercy Brown Will Have Her Revenge on New England” single artwork

Molly Maguires “Mercy Brown Will Have Her Revenge on New England” single artwork