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Quick & Dirty: Theresa Jeane of The Nearly Deads Joins Us for a Fun, Random Q&A

The Nearly Deads lead singer Theresa “TJ” Jeane, fires off with some insightful answers to some of our top Quick & Dirty interview questions.



The Nearly Deads, photo by Daniel Howell, Black Owl Photography

With September now here, it means Halloween is quickly approaching, which means The Nearly Deads are getting excited. Our good friends released their latest album, We Are The Nearly Deads, earlier this summer (read our review), their sophomore full-length. Featuring ten new tracks, the album was recorded alongside the acclaimed guitarist and producer Brian Craddock. With experience writing songs for Theory of a Deadman and Timbaland, Craddock helped finetune the band’s approach. It’s their most melodic release, featuring lots of fiery guitar riffs, which makes for some rousing, fist-pumping anthems.

The guitars are raw and untethered, but the album features a very approachable sound. There are poppier moments and even some acoustic guitar-driven ones. But the core of the album is driven by the band’s big and bold rock structures and the arena-ready vocals of lead singer TheresaTJJeane.

Today, we are joined by Jeane for a bit of randomness, in which we discuss her favourite movie, family traditions, pet peeves, and more.

What is the best movie ever?

Theresa “TJ” Jeane:Fight Club will forever be my favourite movie. Even the lyrics to one of our songs, ‘Changeover,’ are inspired by that film. It also introduced me to Chuck Palahniuk, the author of the book that the movie is based off of, who has become my favourite author. There’s just something so amazing about the characters, the absurdity of it all, and the gritty, low-lit quality to the cinematography.

“The social themes, especially around consumerism, explored in the book and the movie just continue to resonate with me to this day. When I was younger, I would fall asleep with Fight Club on, on my TV in my room every single night. I can quote it front to back.”

What’s your secret to great metal hair?

“Volumizing powder, a good teasing comb, anti-humidity hairspray, hope, and The Distillers playing in the background. Give me those things, and I can pretty much run the world. It also helps if your hair is already bleached and damaged.”

What three things would you have to have in your bag on a road trip?

“Absolutely must have fabulous sunglasses. A killer playlist of classic rock is also a must. Also, a phone for streaming/listening to downloaded music because you sometimes lose cell service on the open road! You’ll also need whatever adapter is necessary for the type of vehicle you’re traveling in. And lastly, snacks, of course. My favourites are shoe-string licorice, which can be incredibly hard to find, pretzels, or pumpkin seeds in the fall.”

What’s your favourite family tradition growing up?

“Jumping in the piles of leaves, my dad would rake up every fall. When you’re a kid, it feels like it goes on forever. We also had very fun family road trips to Colorado every summer. I used to sing along to records with my sister in the backseat of our mini-van and make up our own harmonies.”

The Nearly Deads ‘We Are The Nearly Deads’ album artwork

The Nearly Deads ‘We Are The Nearly Deads’ album artwork

What’s the best purchase you’ve ever made?

“I’ve had the same keyboard and Yamaha MO-8 for nearly 20 years now. It was an amazing investment that has been more than worth it. I also recently invested in a sit/stand automatic studio desk for my beloved keyboard that was worth every penny.”

What is something that no one else seems to care very much about but drives you irrationally mad?

“I HATE when other drivers let people in, in traffic. They think they’re being nice, but really, you’re just upsetting everyone behind you who now has to slam on their brakes because of you letting one guy in who doesn’t even have the right of way! It truly upsets me when people don’t know the basic rules of the road. I dislike being waved at, honked at, or having someone flash their headlights at me to let me in or let me go at a four-way stop sign, especially if I haven’t even reached a complete stop yet. I know when I have the right of way, and I will proceed when I’m damn well ready.”

If you lived in a city in medieval times, what would you be doing?

“Most likely organizing an uprising of the womenfolk against the patriarchal society and practicing witchcraft. If not that, maybe I’d be like the herbal healer/doctor or something like that.”

What is the worst kind of gift?

“I really dislike gag gifts. What am I supposed to do with this after we’ve had a laugh for ten minutes? It’s just going to take up space in my house, then end up in a box, then get donated to goodwill, then end up in a landfill someday.”

What always makes you nostalgic?

“Songs and smells. A certain smell can transport me all the way back to childhood. Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon reminds me of theatre practice in middle school. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin brings me back to fall in Florida. ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ bring me back to my wedding day. CSNY and The Eagles bring me back to being a little kid singing along to my dad’s records and learning how to harmonize.”

You just won a game show, and your prize is a dream vacation! Where would you choose to go?

“My dream vacation would be a trip around the world! I love to travel and have serious wanderlust, I won’t rest until I’ve seen every inch of the planet. I would love to see Egypt, Italy, Rome, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Fiji… the list goes on.”

Favourite childhood musical memory?

“Definitely singing with my sister in the back of the minivan on the family road trips. My dad also had a band that practiced in our basement growing up, so music was always a huge part of my life. We would listen to jazz at dinnertime and go watch my dad perform as kids. My mother was always singing, and there was always music playing at the house, mostly the Beatles, Jimmy Buffett, and Billy Joel.”

What toppings do you like on your pizza?

“It depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s BBQ Hawaiian, sometimes it’s just pepperoni or plain cheese, and sometimes it’s mushroom and green pepper. Then sometimes I’m feeling thin crust tomato, spinach and feta.

My favourite pizza of all time is Hungry Howie’s ‘Howie Wowie,’ which is a ham and pineapple pizza with a Cajun-flavoured crust… The cool kids would skip class in high school and order pizza for lunch every ‘Wacky Wednesday’ when a large was just five dollars. Then we’d bring it back to school and eat it, and no one ever cared.”

Top three songs of all time?

“‘The Taste of Ink’ by The Used. ‘Take it Easy’ by The Eagles. ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ by The Beatles.”

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