King of Cups have dropped a new song, Back To You,” an electrifying love song that transcends boundaries, reigniting the flame of romance. Combining the raw emotion of emo, the infectious energy of pop-punk, and the melodic allure of alternative, this track takes you on a heartfelt journey through the power of love. As the singer’s personal story unfolds, you’ll discover the irresistible blend of catchy lyrics and captivating harmonies, including the powerful refrain, “Home is always where the heart is.”

But this isn’t just any ordinary song. “Back To You” is a celebration of connections featuring an extraordinary lineup of background vocalists. The person the song is dedicated to becomes a part of the music, adding an intimate touch that resonates deeply. The singer’s own mother and vocal teacher also lend their voices, amplifying the emotional depth.

And that’s not all. Prepare to be moved as a Nigerian choir joins in, adding an exquisite richness to the bridge, symbolizing the universal nature of love and its ability to bridge distances.

“Back To You” is the love song you’ve been waiting for, blending genres, weaving stories, and touching souls. Don’t miss your chance to experience this extraordinary musical journey.

King of Cups "Back to You" single artwork
King of Cups “Back to You” single artwork