Fake Figures, a rock/metal group based out of the greater Los Angeles area, has released their new single “Miasmatic” and announced their upcoming EP entitled From Within. “Miasmatic” is out now on all DSPs alongside a lyric video on YouTube, with the EP being released on Friday, September 29th.

From Within is the first of new music from the band since 2019’s We Are The Dead, and is the debut for new band vocalist Steve Ludwig. Ludwig was formerly the drummer for Fake Figures over the past 10 years, and played on notable Fake Figures tracks, including “Bury the Hatchet” and “Hole in the Sky.” Prior to Fake Figures, Ludwig was the vocalist for California supergroup Nation’s Afire, which included members of Rise Against, Ignite, and Death By Stereo.

Fake Figures aims to pen heavy rock tracks that steer into experimental waters, while carefully channelling rock formulas made popular by ’90s and 2000s bands that inspired the members. Guitarist Travis Miguel, with a bit of humour, sums up the band’s sound; “Whenever people ask me what FF sounds like, I tell them, ‘Think of a bunch of old HC dudes who worship at the alter of Alice In Chains and Queens of the Stone Age.’”

Since releasing their 2011 debut, Hail the Sycophants, the band has played dozens of live shows and earned a solid fanbase on Spotify with their music.

Track Listing:

1. Burn The Tyrants
2. Miasmatic
3. Best Intentions
4. Polymer
5. My Homage

Fake Figures ‘From Within’ EP album artwork
Fake Figures ‘From Within’ EP album artwork

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