Australian post-punk sextet EXEK — singer Albert Wolski, guitarist Jai Morris-Smith, synthesist Andrew Brocchi, trumpeter and backing-vocalist Valya YL Hooi, bassist Ben Hepworth, and Chris Stephenson on the drums — recently announced their forthcoming sixth full-length LP, The Map and the Territory, out October 6 via Foreign Records.

Following the release of the record’s first single, “Welcome to my Alibi,” today, EXEK returns with a second cut entitled “It’s Just a Flesh Wound, Darling.” The band hits with some aggression on this mid-to-fast tempo rock track. Inspired by the writings of the late great Polish journalist, Ryszard Kapuściński, who documented countless coups and revolutions throughout the twentieth century.

Self-recorded throughout 2021 to 2022, frontman Albert Wolski describes The Map and the Territory as, “perhaps less ambitious than some previous EXEK releases. In a positive way, obviously.” Comprised of eight tracks, there is a greater focus on song craftsmanship, where elongated jams play second fiddle to choruses and hooks. These new tracks will translate effectively into a live environment, and are destined to quickly become set favourites. And yes, of course, the iconic EXEK album soundmarks remain ever present – dubbed out drums, guitars that sound like robots from Forbidden Planet, and deep synths that recall The Idiot.

Stay tuned for EXEK’s forthcoming LP, The Map and the Territory, arriving October 6!

The Map and the Territory Track Listing:

1. On the Ground Floor
2. Welcome to my Alibi
3. Seamstress Requires Regular Breaks
4. The Lifeboat
5. Warszawa Centralna
6. It’s Just a Flesh Wound, Darling
7. French Alps Insurance Group
8. Glow of Good Will

EXEK ‘The Map and the Territory’ album artwork
EXEK ‘The Map and the Territory’ album artwork

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