Adam Matonic, a singer-songwriter from the American Rust Belt and the Carolinas, has released his new album, All Longing. The album is a culmination of years of experience in the music industry, and it showcases Matonic’s unique blend of genres, from raw garage rock to pop rock with a hint of electronica.

The opening track, “Raging Bull,” sets the tone for the album with its unexpected chord progressions and mournful harmonies. Matonic’s angst and frustrations are evident throughout the song, but they are ultimately resolved in beauty. Each track on the album features its own unique twists and turns, and the listener is magnetically drawn in from the very beginning—Matonic uses a variety of instrumental sounds and synths to create an immersive listening experience.

In Matonic’s own words,

All Longing chronicles my final years in the South and my early years in New York, through the pandemic, through a flood that displaced me out of my first real home in Brooklyn . . . the period of time that I felt at home again in the city.”

All Longing is available now on all streaming platforms. Take a listening excursion today and experience Adam Matonic’s unique musical vision for yourself.


All Longing by Adam Matonic
All Longing by Adam Matonic