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Eldridge Rodriguez Unveil Their Latest LP, ‘Atrophy’

‘Atrophy’ is the fifth full-length release from the band Eldridge Rodriguez, and it is out now on all DSPs!



Eldridge Rodriguez in 2023, photo by Tim Bugbee

Atrophy is the fifth full-length release from the band Eldridge Rodriguez, and it is out now on all DSPs! The album demonstrates the band’s wide range, veering away from the electro-rock and poli-power pop of their last two releases, The Castrati Menace and Slightest of Treason, in favour of a slacker indie feel while still incorporating the noise pop that the band has leaned on for over a decade. The themes on the tracks are more personal this time around focusing on love, loss and the burden of memory. In many ways, it’s lighter than previous albums. The band is having a bit more fun while still presenting a brooding exterior.

In late February 2020, Midriff Records put out the 8th release by Eldridge Rodriguez titled Slightest of Treason, an album inspired in part by the shift toward conservative dogma in US politics. The band planned on supporting the release with live shows, starting with their record release party at Great Scott in Boston in mid/late March. By mid-March the live music scene was dead, most media outlets were stymied, clubs were shuttered, radio was figuring out how to broadcast remotely and Slightest of Treason was lost in the chaos and shuffle created by the initial months of the pandemic.

With an abundance of time on their hands, the band went back into Bluetone Studios (owned and operated by David Grabowski) and started to safely work on the Slightest of Treason follow-up. The product of which was 25 plus new tracks, many of which wound up on Atrophy. It’s a more relaxed, contemplative sound accompanied by lyrics that reflect the past few years. “Have I Gone Too Far” may be the best example and captures the day-to-day isolation, monotony and depression that went along with quarantining during the height of the pandemic.

Like previous releases, Atrophy was recorded at Bluetone Studios in Somerville, MA, which is owned and operated by David Grabowski and released on Clayton and Cameron Keiber’s Midriff Records label. The track “Scars in the Vein” features vocals from indie rock legend Thalia Zedek (Come, Live Skull, Uzi).

Atrophy will initially be released digitally and on CD and include 12 songs, with a deluxe LP coming soon.

Eldridge Rodriguez ‘Atropy’ album artwork

Eldridge Rodriguez ‘Atropy’ album artwork

Atrophy Track Listing:

1. A Feeling That Won’t Go Away
2. Megalodon
3. The Strange Things That Happen to People
4. Without All Your Teeth You Can’t Get into Heaven
5. Dry Atlantis
6. The Ghost of Emily Post
7. Have I Gone Too Far (E)
8. Casual Jesus
9. Help Me Help Me
10. Scars in the Vein
11. Black Hearts on His Chest
12. Take Yr Time

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