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BORT Delivers Heartfelt Acoustic Version of “Can You Hear Me”

BORT crash landed onto your radar with “Can You Hear Me”. What’s he doing now? BORT released an unplugged version of “Can You Hear Me.”



Jordan McGraw aka BORT

Last month BORT crash landed onto your radar with “Can You Hear Me.” What’s he up to this month?  BORT just released their unplugged version of “Can You Hear Me,” and you’re gonna wanna hear it! The new single is available on all DSP’s – find them on your favorite one here.

Jordan McGraw comments on the song, sharing:

“I grew up playing in bands. Eventually, I grew to absolutely hate the egos involved in what was essentially being in 5 relationships at once. Turns out I had just been in bands with the wrong people. This shit is fun when you’re doing it for the right reasons with the right people.”

BORT is a Los Angeles-based rock band inspired by the music of the late 1990s. Satisfied equally by world domination and a sick backyard party with plenty of tequila, BORT’s true mission is to make music worth dancing about. “If you don’t listen to BORT, fuck you,” says some random alien that seems to have only heard this particular band’s music.

At the helm is Jordan McGraw whose idea of formal wear is a Butthole Surfers t-shirt and a spritz of vintage Michael Jordan cologne. “The Pixies fuck,” says McGraw when asked about his biggest influence.


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