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Baby Jey Release “What’s the Point of Saying Sorry” Ahead of New LP ‘Crop Circles’

Edmonton indie pop band Baby Jey, released their lead single, “What’s the Point of Saying Sorry,” from their upcoming LP, ‘Crop Circles!’



Baby Jey

Baby Jey is an Edmonton indie pop band who wear their love of classic disco and synth-pop on their sleeves. “What’s the Point of Saying Sorry” is the lead single from their upcoming full-length Crop Circles. It was recorded using vintage keyboards from the 80s and 90s, the Korg M1 and the Yamaha Motif ES7.

Baby Jey on the track:

“Saying sorry can be important but spoken language isn’t the only way that people communicate. I like the fact that this song has two meanings.”

The band members were raised on the Canadian prairie, only to spend their college years studying and playing shows in the urban jungle of New York. They finally moved back to their home of Alberta amidst the frenzy of the global pandemic.

Their sophomore album, Crop Circles, blends spacey synthesizers, cosmic samples, and subtle hints towards their prairie upbringing, including pedal steel guitar. Crop Circles will be released in full on November 24th.


Baby Jey “What’s the Point of Saying Sorry” single artwork

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