Following their debut single, “Scarlet Misquote,” Scorpion Tea present the newest track off their upcoming self-titled debut LP. “They’re Thriving Without Us” is the band’s second single from their upcoming album release.

This song invokes an atmosphere of pain and isolation as it outlines the journey of a wandering soul who has lost everything. Dripping with moody synthesizers, sparse drums, and melancholy guitars, the song is ultimately carried by singer Anthony Diaz’s desolate and raw vocal performance.

The video for “They’re Thriving Without Us” illustrates the story of a person walking away from everything through an endless canopy of dead trees. Using the wilderness of western New Jersey as a backdrop, the video is rife with psychedelic misdirection. Edley ODowd plays the role of the mask, carefully and slowly demonstrating emotional pain through his movements while bandmates follow suit with their ghostly contortions.

“They’re Thriving Without Us” is, once again, accompanied by a cinematic remix from GIVE/TAKE labelmates DEATHDANCE, as well as a retro-inspired club remix from Toronto-based producer Employer. The single drops Friday, August 18 and is available on all streaming platforms.

Check out the band online here:

Scorpion Tea Unleash “They‘re Thriving Without Us” single artwork
Scorpion Tea Unleash “They‘re Thriving Without Us” single artwork

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