Canadian Country recording artist Justin Fancy is back with a compelling new music video that captures the heart-wrenching journey of ending a relationship that has run its course. The music video for his latest single, “Lie,” portrays the raw emotions and difficult decisions that come with letting go.

Directed by Stephen Green, the video masterfully portrays the inner turmoil and heartache experienced by the characters. Justin Fancy’s soulful vocals provide the perfect accompaniment to the powerful visuals, creating a truly immersive experience for viewers.

The emotionally charged single captures the essence of finding the courage to end a relationship that has lost its spark, showcasing Fancy’s undeniable talent for storytelling through his distinct country sound. “Lie” was produced by Fancy and long-time collaborator Clint Curtis, with two-time Grammy Award winner Greg Wells (Michael Bublé, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood) serving as Executive Producer on the track.

Justin provides insight on the meaning of “Lie”:

“This music video is a testament to the power of country music in telling authentic stories about love and loss. We wanted to create something that would resonate with anyone who has faced the pain of ending a relationship and moving forward.”

“It was a stroke of luck to have Greg involved with the track,” explains Justin. “He had invited me to do some songwriting with him in Los Angeles, and while I was there, I showed him the song. He offered to help bring it across the finish line, and he did that and more. The knowledge and expertise he brought to ‘Lie’ took the song to a whole new level.”

“Lie” is the 3rd single from Justin Fancy’s forthcoming sophomore album, “Whiskey & Me,” releasing on September 29, 2023.


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