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Ryan Liberty Megan Releases Unhinged “Chorus” Video featuring Appearances by Tom Savini

Ryan Liberty Megan, New York’s most exciting emerging alternative rock artist, premieres the music video for his new single “Chorus.”



Ryan Megan in July 2023, photo by Matthew Hersch

The boundaries of music and art collide in a kaleidoscopic explosion as Ryan Liberty Megan, New York’s most exciting emerging alternative rock artist, premieres the psychedelic music video for his new single “Chorus”. This cosmic and slightly unhinged visual masterpiece is now live and already launching fans into a mesmerizing world of continually morphing digital artistry.

Chorus” is the first single from Ryan Liberty Megan’s debut album, El Songo, which came out a week ago today, and its music video promises an experience as singularly unique and compelling as the artist himself. Featuring a feline motif inspired by the album cover (pictured bottom) the video offers a trip through a universe where the ordinary and extraordinary blend into one fantastical journey.

Still from the “Chorus” music video, ft. horror movie legend Tom Savini

In a surprise twist, the video features a cameo from horror special effects legend, Tom Savini. Known for his iconic work on films like Friday the 13th and Dawn of the Dead, Savini brings his characteristic intensity to the music video: shirtless and sweaty, with a monomaniacal gaze fixed on the camera, his presence adds an intriguing edge to the already erratic Adult Swim-style feast for the eyes. (For the full cameo, make sure to watch until the very end.)

Savini’s collaboration with Ryan Megan extends beyond the music video. Savini also recorded the introduction to the album in a track aptly titled “The Tom Savini Intro,” cementing his place on an already kaleidoscopic and varied aural experience.

“I met Tom at an anniversary event for Dawn of the Dead, in the same mall the original movie was shot in. I had a piece of art I asked him to sign that he was really stoked about, and we got to talking,” Ryan explains. “At some point my album came up and when I asked him about maybe recording a little something for it, he agreed, which was huge for me.”

No stranger to the film industry himself, Ryan has a slew of production credits from decades of work as a colorist and editor, a fact that made all the difference when it came time to edit the original material provided by digital artist and videographer Steffen Heil. Ryan leaned hard into his love for film during the period of over a decade he was out of music. But when it came time to lean into his passion for music, he did so without reservation.

Meeting him via Zoom, you’re greeted with a miniature kingdom of amps, guitar pedals, and recording equipment. When explaining their presence, Ryan explains, “I used to have a projector and screen down here, and a whole bunch of movie memorabilia and masks and stuff.” Reigniting his passion for music has meant more than just moving some things around – it’s meant almost complete and utter takeover, including in the realm of his creative endeavors.

Which explains why “Chorus” is more than a music video—it’s a testament to the unique fusion of music, visual art, and most importantly, unabashed eccentricity, that is Ryan Liberty Megan. Get ready to be swept away into a cosmic, cat-filled dream that will leave you eager for the full release of El Songo. And don’t forget to watch until the very end!

“Chorus” Production Credits:


Original Animation: Steffen Heil
Kaiber AI Augmentation/Direction/Editing: Ryan Liberty Megan


Song/Music/Lyrics/Vocals/Guitar: Ryan Liberty Megan
Bass/Vocals/Guitar: Paul Moran
Drums: Dan Schwartz

Vocals: Kendra Mckinley, Vaughn Faison, Danny Asis, Theia
Music Mixing/Mastering: Jeff Frey, Devan Skaggs

Ryan Megan in July 2023, photo by Matthew Hersch

Photo Credit: Matthew Hersch