Emerging from the diverse realms of alternative rock, Ryan Liberty Megan, a force that echoes uncharted musical territory, proudly unveils his compelling new single “Chorus.” This striking creation embodies Ryan’s signature fusion of chaotic elegance, reverberating through a myriad of genres with a deftness that firmly places him in the echelons of innovators within the industry.

“Chorus” is a resounding testament to Megan’s musical prowess, combining a tantalizing melange of sonic approaches that encapsulate his distinct sound. The single isn’t merely a track—it’s an evocative auditory journey, a testament to the artist’s boundless creativity and alchemical ear for music, inviting listeners to delve into the unique soundscape that defines Ryan Liberty Megan.

The single is made even more resonant with the added talents of Paul Moran, Dan Schwartz, Kendra Mckinley, Vaughn Faison, Danny Asis, and Theia, each contributing their unique gifts to create a rich tapestry of sound. This interweaving of talents on “Chorus” makes it a standout release, promising a captivating experience for those who venture into its profound musical depth.

The dawn of “Chorus” heralds yet another significant achievement in Ryan Megan’s ever-expanding journey in music, etching another notch on his belt of artistic victories. As he continues to make waves and push the envelope, his impact on the industry grows increasingly profound.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Fans eagerly anticipating more from this boundary-pushing artist won’t have to wait long. Ryan Liberty Megan is set to grace our ears with his debut album, El Songo this fall—an Esperanto phrase translating to “from a dream,” aptly encapsulating the ethereal narrative that threads through this highly anticipated release. The album promises to deliver a further exploration of Ryan’s innovative soundscape, providing fans with an immersive journey into the artist’s profound musical psyche.

And for those who want to keep a piece of this milestone, pre-orders for the vinyl version of El Songo are currently available— a collector’s item for both vinyl enthusiasts and fans of Ryan Megan alike. Be part of this exciting phase in Ryan Liberty Megan’s musical journey and engage with the captivating universe he continues to create through his singular sound.

Ryan Liberty Megan “Chorus” single artwork
Ryan Liberty Megan “Chorus” single artwork