Seattle alternative-pop band PRETTY AWKWARD sings about “Friends With Benefits” in their new single “Woozy,” available now on all platforms. The groovy, funky track tells a story of the irresistible pull of reconnecting with an ex to fulfill a mutual need when under the influence – even though the relationship can be toxic.

The band’s Austin Held explains the themes surrounding their single:

“Lyrically, ‘Woozy’ was inspired by poking fun at the kind of relationships that one can have when they’re a young misguided adult. When you initially vibe with someone it can seem like innocent young love, but over time it can evolve into an unhealthy and intoxicating ‘situationship’ It’s one that our main character can’t help, but keep returning to over and over again – because it feels so good in the moment.”

In addition to the single, the band created a music video to support it. The video for “Woozy” was directed by the band’s Nicholas Wiggins and was filmed in various locations around Seattle. To add to the excitement PRETTY AWKWARD is dropping their full album on September 1st.

PRETTY AWKWARD “Woozy” single artwork
PRETTY AWKWARD “Woozy” single artwork

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