If there’s one thing for certain a Hollywood A-lister, Brat Pack alumni and TV screen legend will have in abundance, it’s stories to tell. Kiefer Sutherland, it sounds like, has many. Like the night he bought his first joint and had the shit kicked out of him, or that he was a two-time rodeo roping champion.

These experiences from a life well lived are expertly translated into songs such as “Bloor Street,” the scene of the joint and fight night, or his favourite horse, “Reckless” – as you may imagine too, he has many tunes about drinking or whisky or drinking whisky, which he acknowledges himself as maybe having too many… but it is a great subject so this can be forgiven. It’s a recipe that creates even more stories for sure.

What’s striking as well is how genuine he is.

Many actors turned frontmen could be described as performing as a character or acting the part but not Keifer. He’s genuine when he thanks the crowd for allowing him a lucky life making films and allowing him to travel the world with friends performing his music, and he’s genuine when he explains he had a strange reaction to lockdown during Covid. One that made him realize how lucky he was, and that made him a lot less serious and cynical about things – hence the new music feeling more upbeat.

With a set full of big singalongs, a couple of Tom Petty covers, and a cover of Patty Loveless’ “Blame it on Your Heart,” which he describes as the most perfectly formed song ever written, the show is fantastic. With Doug and Austin supplementing his guitar with some brilliant lead, the sound is full and rich.

Had this taken place when it was originally scheduled, we would have seen ex-Black Crowes guitarist Marc Fuckin’ Ford on guitar, which, personally, as a huge Crowes fan, would have been incredible. There were points in the show that were reminiscent of a Crowes show, and that’s never a bad thing.

It’s true that there’s a novelty to seeing your favourite on-screen hero, whether it be Jack Bauer or the best Lost Boy, on a stage, but there’s no novelty to his music, and if you’re a fan of Americana at all, you should check his stuff out or try and get to see the show yourself. It’s the real deal.

More info on the artist can be found here: https://kiefersutherland.com.