There are so many dynamics at play within a conversation between two people, and for Jelly Kelly, it made for an interesting song and music video topic. The group is unveiling the official clip for their latest single, “Love Language,” off their new Warm Water EP.

Known for their eclectic sound and approach to their craft, the band has developed a pretty inventive video supporting the song, as you’ll see with a couple of dozen different mouths moving at once. Mouth movements and sounds, and the unusual aspects of speech are things we don’t even consider on a day-to-day basis. But they began to resonate with the band members, especially when those things were, in a sense, taken away.

As lead singer Keith Kelly explains:

“The video was really inspired during the pandemic. Most interactions would take place while wearing a mask and the expressions of mouths were gone. You couldn’t see smiles or features that would normally be present during conversations and interactions. The other part of the inspiration was really how bizarre it is that if I make a sound with my mouth at someone they’ll understand it and then make a sound back. And somehow it’s coherent and part of our communication. Although sometimes the sounds we make are just confusing. Like if multiple conversations are happening at once it almost just sounds like white noise or some sort of static.”

Kell continues, further elaborating on the video and how it was made:

“For this video, I asked a bunch of people to tell me a story or an anecdote for at least a minute. I put them all together and it, at first seemed incoherent, but if you listen closely you can pull certain words or phrases from each which is kind of fun. You have a bunch of different languages, stories, sounds, and people all making sounds at the same time and somehow… it almost makes sense.”

From their humble beginnings to now, Jelly Kelly has consistently been able to top themselves as both musicians and songwriters. Partially named after lead singer Keith Kelly, Jelly Kelly was just a side project to begin, but it’s now its distinct recording project. They are now a quartet, rounded out by guitarist Nicolas Dube, bassist Dom Bodo, and drummer Jared Apuzzo. They specialize in an original fusion of indie and rock, with elaborate, inventive soundscapes that create an open and spacious atmosphere. Warm Water is full of intriguing melodies and precise and intense vocals, emphasizing Kelly’s fresh and imaginative approach to songwriting. Innovation isn’t always a given when it comes to modern rock and pop, but there are always a few, like Jelly Kelly, that stand out for their courage to do what others will not.

Jelly Kelly ‘Warm Water’ album artwork
Jelly Kelly ‘Warm Water’ album artwork