Introducing DOT5 (pronounced ‘dots’), the Swiss-born Dutch native producer and songwriter passionate about creating something completely different. His latest single, “Bitter,” races through this passion at full speed, bringing a high-energy vibrancy that stands out against the current musical climate. The rhythmical and textural intricacies combined with its stellar production create an immersive electronic soundscape that listeners can get completely lost in.

The track is a direct result of DOT5’s character and work ethic – his boundless creativity paired with an unfaltering commitment to his work. The past few years have consisted of endless late nights in the studio, allowing DOT5 to hone his craft in preparation for the upcoming Couleurs EP.

DOT5 has his sights set on breaking into the emotional dance scene, and judging from the infectious “Bitter,” this EP could be his guaranteed entry ticket. Whether experimenting in house, breakbeat, trap, or anything in between, “Bitter” acts as a little taster to the EP, leaving listeners to wonder what direction Couleurs might go in and how ‘Bitter’ will tie into a fuller body of work.

The standard of “Bitter” and DOT5’s dedication shows that he’s in it for the long haul. He has received airplay in Switzerland and The Netherlands but is also headed for international success, having already performed live in France, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, and Germany. This international demand is not to be ignored, and with a well-earned reputation of being a multicultural whizkid’ both ‘Bitter’ and ‘Couleurs’ are sure to propel DOT5 into even more popularity and grow his wide-spanning fanbase. Check out more from DOT5 HERE.

DOT5 “Bitter” single artwork
DOT5 “Bitter” single artwork

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