Rising R&B artist Claire Reneé is a classically trained dancer who sings from the soul, combining elements of R&B, soul, jazz, and pop while being heavily influenced by hip-hop. Having studied at Berklee College of Music and The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, Claire brings an incredible vibe and sound with her signature raspy yet graceful vocals and unique harmonies.

Her newest single, “Sadder Days,” is a beautiful example of her sultry, soulful sound that pulls in elements from the current R&B and pop landscapes. Moving away from the jazzy route Claire usually takes in her music, the lyrics behind this track relate to the confusing emotions associated with dating and complex relationships, romantic or platonic, as she reflects on a point in time when she trusted people to a fault – especially when it came to them having power over her emotions. The first tease from her upcoming EP, Journal Entries 1-4, “Sadder Days,” is a taste of the diary-like EP that will act as a journal entry from a significant point in time.

Eager to learn more about this budding creative, we sat down with Claire to get the inside scoop on things outside of music: favorite outfits, biggest fears, road-trip musts, and so much more.

Cover art for "Sadder Days" by Claire Reneé.
Cover art for “Sadder Days” by Claire Reneé.

What’s your favorite article of clothing that you own?

Claire Reneé: “My favorite thing would probably be my Concord Jordan 11’s. If you aren’t counting shoes, then a really loud jacket I thrifted. It’s so fun and makes me feel like a Golden Girl.”

What always makes you nostalgic?

“Listening to music from the early to mid-2000s is always nostalgic. Mainstream music included so many genres of music, and it was really cool to experience.”

What’s a fear of yours that you think is fully justified?

“Bears. Very beautiful animals, but those murder mittens they possess are nothing to play with!”

What’s your favorite family tradition growing up?

“Getting together for Christmas with my family. I love laughing and catching up with those closest to me.”

Favorite Drink and Food?

“Currently, my favorite drink is the Peach Paradise kombucha by GTs. My favorite foods are fried sweet plantain and pickles.”

What 3 things would you have to have in your bag on a road trip?

“Water, my phone, and my phone charger. I honestly would have so much more, but these are the bare necessities for me.”

Photo of Claire Reneé, courtesy of Claire Reneé.
Photo of Claire Reneé, courtesy of Claire Reneé.

What’s the theme song to your life and why?

“My theme song changes. I’m a woman of many moods (lol). Currently, my theme song is “Runaway” by Janet Jackson. I have enjoyed getting to connect and be in the world, but am missing one person who I may not have met yet that might make these connections and life experiences that much sweeter.”

What was your first concert?

Jay-Z. My brother got tickets and said; be ready in 30 minutes. I ditched plans to go to my school dance at the last minute and had a great time!”

Favorite childhood musical memory?

“Listening to ‘Ribbon In the Sky’ for the first time. Til this day, that is one of my favorite Stevie Wonder tunes.”

If you could have dinner with any musician (dead or alive), who would it be?

“I would probably want to have dinner with Ella Fitzgerald. I have so many questions, and she seemed like such a vibe.”


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