On September 29th, ChiaraOscuro will release the album Rancor:Succor via Nefarious Industries. Joining Nefarious Industries was a pivotal moment for the artist and her project. The singer praises label head Greg Meisenberg for his unwavering support and encouragement.

Chiara skillfully weaves a tapestry of refined and raw vocal sounds, adding depth and contrast to her compositions. One of the recording locations for Rancor:Succor also plays a vital role in the album’s distinctive sound: The TANK, the renowned 7-story steel water tank turned recording space in rural Colorado.

ChiaraOscuro remarks on her upcoming LP:

“Ever since I learned about The TANK, I was intrigued and knew I wanted to record there. I also knew that I wanted to record a song there with my ‘drone-ified’ accordion”

Reflecting on the pandemic’s impact on her creative process, ChiaraOscuro shares: “A lot of my music deals with the shadow and all of the feelings that normally don’t get talked about and that otherwise wouldn’t have a place to go, other than the refuge of art.” Look out for the album drop next month, and find more information about the artist HERE.

Rancor:Succor Track listing:

1. Scorched Season
2. In The Manner of Serpents
3. Her Life-Giving Caresses
4. Narcissus and Echo
5. Fishwife
6. Stars in Her Hands
7. La Perdita
8. Hiraeth
9. Rancor
10. Your Judgments Fortify My Resolve

ChiaraOscuro Tour Dates:

10/07 – Los Angeles – @Where Monsters Dream
10/09 – Oakland – @The Golden Bull
10/12 – Portland – @The Star Theater
10/15 – Seattle – @The Rabbit Box

ChiaraOscuro ‘Rancor:Succor’ album artwork
ChiaraOscuro ‘Rancor:Succor’ album artwork
ChiaraOscuro 2013 tour poster
ChiaraOscuro 2013 tour poster

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