Rebellious pop newcomer L Devine has confirmed her long-awaited debut album, Digital Heartifacts, will get a release on February 2nd via AWAL.

Alongside the news comes a new single in the form of “Laundry Day”. The accompanying visual for the single completes a video trilogy that she created with director Emilio Gamal Boutros which began with her recent singles “Push It Down” and “Miscommunikaty”.

Check out the video for “Laundry Day” here:

Speaking about the album, L Devine says, “Writing “Miscommunikaty” was the moment where I landed on the Digital Heartifacts world. There are all these emotions, but they’re stored digitally. I have these little snapshots on my laptop of my life and of the place I was at mentally during the time I made the album. I just find it fascinating that all those emotions are just code on a computer.”

The process behind Digital Heartifacts really got underway when L Devine stepped away from the chaos of living in London and returned to her roots in the North-East. Back amongst a network of family and friends, she had the space to nurture her creativity and reconnect with who she was. Collaborating with Julien Flew was key to unlocking the new songs that were emerging, anchoring her in the safe space of working primarily with one person rather than the range of voices who contributed to her EPs.

Digital Heartifacts Tracklisting:

1. Eaten Alive
2. Push It Down
3. Slippin Away
4. If I Don’t Laugh I’ll Cry
5. Miscommunikaty
6. PMO
7. Worship
8. Placeholder
9. Bully
10. On And Off
11. Hater
12. Laundry Day

L Devine releases Digital Heartifacts on February 2nd via AWAL and you can pre-order your copy here.


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