Cleveland-based hard rock band Burning River just released their energetic new single, “Babe, I Gotta Know,”—and it’s the perfect vibe for a fist-pumping summer cruise with its dynamic rhythmic identity combined with Hendrix-esque guitar leads.

In their words:

“We’re not attempting to reinvent the wheel . . . ‘Babe, I Gotta Know’ is a classically inspired rock tune with a modern edge.”

The song is the product of Burning River’s four-man ensemble: Joseph Hozian (guitar), Nicholas Lattanzio (bass), Stanley Piecuch (drums), and Keith Altman (vocals). Each member brings their own seasoning to the table, creating a classic, nostalgic sound that is also relevant in a modern context.

“Babe, I Gotta Know” is relatable. It’s about the feeling of finding someone you need to know better. The melody is infectious, and the energy is undeniable. “Babe, I Gotta Know” is available now on all major streaming platforms. So it’s time to fire up the engine and crank up the volume!

"Babe, I Gotta Know" by Burning River
“Babe, I Gotta Know” by Burning River