You may think of Babes In Canyon as very much a band of right now. What do we mean? Have a look at their latest music video for “Call Me Over,” and you may understand what we’re talking about. The duo of Nathan Hamer and his fiancé Amanda Ebert hit all the right notes with this indie pop jam, a song that sounds as comfortable as could be on modern alternative radio.

That isn’t to suggest that this is an act that sounds like everyone else; far from it. But as you can hear on this new single and their debut EP Second Cities, the tag team of Hamer and Ebert can very gracefully meld together that big classic folk sound with modern indie pop and alluring vocal harmonies that would turn on any fan of the genre, both young and old.

Explaining their intention and motivation behind “Call Me Over,” Hamer states:

“We wanted to create a sultry dance anthem you could blast in your car on a hot summer’s night. I initially wrote the song on a charango, it has this beautiful suspended note (I listened to a lot of Peruvian traditional folk as a kid) and I’ve always found the driving rhythms inspiring. I added more folk instruments to the mix (uke, banjo) and then we paired that with pulsing synth, thumping bass, and our electronic beats.

“Listening back to the mix, I kept having a weird visual pairing with a blasé British polo club. I don’t know why, but I decided to follow that instinct and create a music video around it. The song gives off that early-morning-post-bender vibe, and I wanted the visuals to match. A big shout out to Cousteau the horse, star of the video.”

You may already be familiar with Hamer as the mandolin and ukulele player, as part of the Seattle indie-folk group Kuinka. Babes In Canyon came along quite organically; a spontaneous songwriting session arose between Hamer and Ebert during a blackout, and before long, they were on their way to something promising.

The project’s centrepiece is story-driven folk, with a sound that is very much of the moment. As he has grown as a musician and a songwriter, Hamer’s musical preferences have changed, driving the sound of Babes In Canyon. Kuinka began as more of a traditional folk act before morphing into a modern pop band, which helped them catch on with their audience. Despite that evolution, Hamer maintained a passion for folk music and was on the hunt for an outlet where he could fulfill that passion within a mainstream framework. His fiancé Ebert helped lead him where he wanted to wind up, and Babes In Canyon was born.

Tour Dates:

08/24 – District Bar – Spokane, WA
08/25 – Wake The Giant Fest – Helena, MT
08/26 – The Virginian Saloon – Jackson, WY
09/03 – Oak Harbor Music Festival – Oak Harbor, WA
09/15 – ALMA Rooftop – Tacoma, WA
09/16 – Finnriver Farm & Cidery – Chimacum, WA

Babes In Canyon “Call Me Over” single artwork
Babes In Canyon “Call Me Over” single artwork