Odario brings new life and energy to his single, “Do Nada,” by collaborating with Chaix to remix the original single produced with the help of a local jazz company.

Always pushing himself creatively, Odario recently collaborated with Edmonton jazz group Good Information on “Do Nada,” a song about doing nothing. With the post-pandemic era seemingly ramped back up to speed, maybe even at a faster pace, “Do Nada” goes out to all the hopeless romantics in search of a simpler, uncomplicated lifestyle.

It’s about taking a moment to reflect on a rapidly spinning world. In a society so caught up with overachieving, Odario has written an anthem for the beloved underachievers. Fueled by summertime vibes and danceable flavour, the new Chaix remix incorporates even more dance floor-ready momentum.

Odario on the remix of single “Do Nada”:

“I wanted to inject new sonic energy into my single Do Nada, which is a song about doing nothing. Do Nada (Chaix Remix) is an apathetic dance track I made with Chaix, a multi-genre artist and beat maker from Toronto. Chaix’s sound sits comfortably between hip-hop, house, and experimental electronic. Chaix didn’t want his reimagination of Do Nada to feel laidback & chill… but alive & infectious. This song is crafted specifically for your solo apartment party, your night drive along the lonely highway or your day off spent next to the pool with a pair of headphones and an open schedule.”

Odario and Good Information “Do Nada” (Chaix Remix) single artwork
Odario and Good Information “Do Nada” (Chaix Remix) single artwork

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