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The Flaming Lips are Tough to Top at The Tulsa Theater! [Photos]

Confetti, confetti, confetti. So much confetti! The Flaming Lips recently hit The Tulsa Theater in Oklahoma and the sold-out crowd was in awe.



The Flaming Lips @ The Tulsa Theater, photo by Patrick Quiring

Confetti, confetti, confetti. So much confetti! That’s one of the best ways to describe a Flaming Lips (FL) show. They recently played in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at The Tulsa Theater to a sold-out crowd and the people there were hyped for this electric show. FL were also filming this concert for a documentary they are making, so their energy was at 11, and they brought out way more than confetti. They also had so many humongous balloons that would pop sporadically, showering the sea of people with confetti.

The show was also a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the album that put them on the map, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. Because of this, they had four ginormous inflatable pink robots towering over the band. It made the stage quite a spectacle and was truly unique. The band also ripped through the entire album, and after they finished that album, they came back and played another hour and more. It was incredible!

For the next hour and a half, they made the night a true psychedelic experience. This was especially highlighted by the incredible video wall playing mind-bending visuals. Most of the songs they played I didn’t know, but they did include their amazing cover of Madonna’s “Borderline.” The night ended with a huge inflatable “Fuck Yeah Tulsa,” which I’ve seen in pictures of other concerts, but it doesn’t do it justice when seeing it in person.


For more info, hit the band’s website here.