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Mighty Tortuga – ‘The Plague Inside Your Head’ [EP] [Album Review]

‘The Plague Inside Your Head’ successfully conjures up a cohesive offering of uplifting summer vibes. As far as the new generation of emo bands goes, Mighty Tortuga are certainly one to watch.



Mighty Tortuga ‘The Plague Inside Your Head’ [EP] album artwork

With the recent rise of events like When We Were Young Festival and various Emo Nights popping up in cities across North America, it’s safe to say that we are in the midst of an emo revival. While those who were there from the beginning are enjoying the chance to relive the nostalgia of years gone by, a new generation of fans and music makers are embracing the genre.

Amongst the category of budding music makers is the promising young quartet Mighty Tortuga. The mall emo ensemble have recently dropped their new EP, The Plague Inside Your HeadIt is a body of work that skillfully channels many elements of modern pop-punk, from melodic riffs to catchy refrains.

Starting out strong, “Let Me Down” provides no shortage of melodies for listeners to sing along to. The punchy and youthful tune eventually erupts into a chorus where vocalist TJ Redding flaunts the top of his range.

“Palette Knife” serves as a continuation of vocal prowess and upbeat feel initially set by its predecessor.

In the middle of the collection is “Twin Graves”; a laid-back number that leisurely saunters its way through memories of a relationship that has now fizzled out. Redding proclaims his forlornness, singing: “If you thought I was lonely then /Imagine me on my own again /Just wishing that you would come home again / Turns out you were my only friend.”

“Rereview” makes for a highly catchy track that explores restlessness and being acutely aware of the passage of time. With open and intricate guitars accented with a subtle synth, the track is an absolute bop.

Changing pace, EP closer “Roses” is a lighter swaying-worthy ode to finding strength during a time of loss. Stripped back to just a piano and acoustic guitar provides a moving backdrop for sentimentality.

Mighty Tortuga

Mighty Tortuga

The fact that The Plague Inside Your Head was produced by idol turned mentor Fred Mascherino of Taking Back Sunday fame, makes for an interesting footnote. However, the connection seems to run a little deeper. Not only is the band currently signed to Mascherino’s label, Heading East Records, but both parties share a sort of East Coast solidarity. Mighty Tortuga members and Mascherino hail from Connecticut and Philadelphia, respectively.

The band’s latest effort has successfully conjured up a cohesive offering of uplifting summer vibes. As far as the new generation of emo bands goes, Mighty Tortuga are certainly one to watch.

The Plague Inside Your Head Track Listing:

1. Let Me Down
2. Palette Knife
3. Twin Graves
4. Rereview
5. Roses

Run Time: 19:04
Release Date: June 8, 2023
Record Label: Heading East Records