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Dave Matthews Band Impresses at Maine Savings Amphitheater [Photos]

Dave Matthews Band performed an impressive 23-song set at Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor, and we’ve got the coverage to prove it!



Dave Matthews Band on June 16, 2023, photo by Hannah Jenkins

We’re all familiar with the phrase “the show must go on!” but does that apply when the show has yet to start? I’m sure I wasn’t the only one with doubts Friday night as I put on my backpack of camera gear, rain boots, covered myself in a gigantic poncho, and stepped out my door into a thunderstorm. Dave Matthews Band fans from all over patiently waited out the weather and were then treated to a 23-song set with a wide selection of tunes from the band’s beloved collection of 10 studio albums.

The band is currently touring following the May release of their newest album Walk Around the Moon. This was the group’s third time playing in Bangor. From the moment they stepped out on the stage, the energy they produced was contagious. All members contributed to the experience in their own unique way.

Us Mainers are a proud bunch, so it was particularly thrilling to watch the saxophonist, Jeff Coffin, who grew up in this lovely state, wow the crowd with his talent. Everyone’s level of excitement at the start of each song remained constant – whether it was a major hit, such as “So Much To Say,” a quiet tune like “Sweet” or a new, never-before-performed-live song that Dave joked we could come up with a name for ourselves.

Dave returned to the stage following thunderous applause (the kind of thunder that is quite appreciated at a concert) for a solo rendition of “Something to Tell My Baby.” Also part of the three-song encore was “Gravedigger,” a personal favorite off Dave’s first solo album, Some Devil. While I suspect the setlist was finalized before anyone took to the stage, that doesn’t keep me from hoping the band made some last-minute adjustments after someone spotted a young fan’s sign in the crowd requesting it for his 10th birthday.