Each artist that survives for at least a while eventually reaches a pivotal point in their career, and that’s where Shinzon are at with their brand new record MIMIC. The new ten-track offering is their most ambitious and elaborate recording yet, an album they took their time writing and composing. It was a thorough process, but not overdone, with each song featuring a certain rawness with a progressive rock quality and some distortion thrown in for good measure.

Explaining the record’s origins, bassist and singer Storm Angone states:

“Our album MIMIC was conceived before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and grew through tumultuous circumstances. I feel this collection of songs addresses the theme of ‘change as a constant’ from a multitude of angles. How the world around us has changed in the past five years, how we have grown or stagnated as individuals, how our immediate surroundings and expectations have altered over time. Death, life, love, etc. Change is ever present, a universal constant, and if you close yourself off from reality you may find yourself lost in the dreaming.”

In terms of what the album represents, drummer Adam Meyers adds:

“This album represents the tension, pain and joy of our growth as a band, as friends, and as people. Personally, it became an outlet and avatar for all of my artistic interests: drumming, design, storytelling, etc. It is as unhinged as it is cohesive, as beautiful as it is ugly. Most importantly, I think it’s a damn good time. Thank you for listening.”

Inevitably, the global pandemic required the band to call some audibles when it came to recording. As guitarist and singer Luc Chamberlain explains:

“Like most small-time bands, we’re very DIY: recording, promotion, making music videos, setting up shows, etc. But, the COVID pandemic really forced us to be creative and lean on our community to get this album done. For example, the drums were recorded in an indoor basketball court-turned art gallery. Bass was mostly done in our engineer’s basement and guitars were recorded in an old Frank Lloyd Wright vacuum factory-turned practice space. It became art-through-adversity, but it has congealed into something greater than the sum of its parts. I’m very proud of it.”

Angone, Meyers, and Chamberlain are the three-headed monster that composes Shinzon. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, these three men are longtime friends whose friendship goes back long before the band’s formation in 2015. In the time since, they have made impressive progress, releasing three EPs, a different full-length, and solidly toured all across the United States. They also co-founded and co-operated Nap House Studios, an independent music collective covering local and regional artists. These three are musicians in the truest sense of the word, and MIMIC is proof of a group blossoming in all the right ways.

MIMIC Track Listing:

1. Canopic Jars
2. Scream Through Clenched Teeth
3. Three Two Five
4. Shadow of the Wallmaster
5. Gravii
6. Man Without Skin
7. Roman Numeral Nine
8. Earth Realm
9. Halloween Mask
10. Fusion

Tour Dates:

06/02 – cometogetherspace, Bloomington, IL
06/03 – The Raven Room, Chicago, IL

Shinzon ‘MIMIC’ album artwork
Shinzon ‘MIMIC’ album artwork