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German Folk-Pop Act Hanne Kah Stuns in Brand New Single “Trick Me”

Hanne Kah, the German indie folk sensation, has once again captivated audiences with their latest hit single, “Trick Me.”



Hanne Kah

Hanne Kah, the German indie folk sensation, has once again captivated audiences with their latest hit single, “Trick Me.” Drawing comparisons to the hypnotic harmonies of Fleetwood Mac, this talented group combines hard-hitting lyrics with radio-friendly melodies to create a truly mesmerizing musical experience.

At the core of “Trick Me” lies a profound reflection on a negative past encounter, inspired by the famous adage, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” The lead singer delves into her personal experiences and explores how she has taken control to ensure such mistreatment never recurs. It’s an unfortunate truth that women in the music industry often face a different set of standards than their male counterparts. As Taylor Swift once expressed in an interview with CBS, actions by men are seen as strategic, while the same actions by women are unfairly labeled as calculated. Navigating a career under such a lens is undeniably challenging, especially when it involves inappropriate and condescending behaviour from fellow collaborators.

For Hanne Kah, “Trick Me” originates from encounters with past collaborators who belittled and disrespected the lead singer. Beyond being uncomfortable, these experiences stifled her creative process. Fortunately, she and her band have since found genuine enjoyment in working with supportive partners. Yet, it is clear that Hanne Kah hopes for more positive and respectful interactions in their future endeavours.

The poignant lyrics of “Trick Me” echo the resolve to break free from manipulation: “Trick me once and I will change my course from you to wise, Trick me twice and I will turn away from your black and white, and the night might be cold still, I know that I’ll be alright, Fool me once, fool me twice.” These words strike a chord and empower listeners to guard themselves against duplicity.

Although rooted in Germany, Hanne Kah’s popularity extends far beyond national borders. Their recent performance at Kansas City’s Folk Alliance in the United States solidifies their international presence, while their impact can be felt throughout Europe and their home country. Previous releases have garnered high praise from notable platforms like Spotify’s New Female Pop Artists playlist, Berlin On Air, and the UK Independent, catapulting the band’s rise to fame.

The band’s charismatic lead singer is fueled by the desire to showcase the calibre of German pop music on a global stage. She fervently wishes for German artists to be regarded on equal footing with established international bands, without the need to hide in the shadows. Women in the music industry face a myriad of challenges, and her hope is that more young women in the music scene will be inspired to assert themselves with talent and self-confidence.

Hanne Kah “Trick Me” single artwork

Hanne Kah “Trick Me” single artwork