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nobody likes you pat Premieres His Affable Single “what a good friend is for”

nobody likes you pat debuts the brand new single “what a good friend is for” off the St. Paul, Minnesota artist’s upcoming new EP via Nettwerk Music Group.



nobody likes you pat, photo by Charlie Flatten

The value of a good friend can often be criminally underrated, which partially inspired the composing of nobody likes you pat’s brand new single “what a good friend is for.” The songwriting moniker for St. Paul, Minnesota artist Pat Kiloran, nobody likes you pat is offering an early look at what to expect on his new EP with this song, which he expects to release this fall. A gentle, feel-good kind of sing-along jam, Kiloran felt compelled to pay tribute to the great friends he has made in his life and offer his own observance of why friends matter to him. Be sure also to check out our recent Tattoo Talk interview with Pat.

Regarding his motivation for writing this song, Kiloran comments:

“There are 100,000,000 love songs out there. But I feel like very few of them are about your love for your friends. Meanwhile, friendship is a far more important element of any relationship than romance. In fact, the only way romance or closeness lasts is through a deepening friendship; it’s the only way we as humans survive at all.”

Friendships are not always easy, and they don’t become great in a day, but there is something holy or special about them that should be cherished and appreciated. As he alludes to, Kiloran came to the realization one night that friendship is not as valued as it should be in modern songwriting, with friends often being a sidenote within a good song. At times, our culture even looks upon friendship negatively. If a person, particularly a male, relies too heavily on friendship, it can be viewed as a sign of weakness, an idea that Kiloran really quarrelled with in his mind, which helped inspire this song.

“what a good friend is for” is the first new piece of music from Kiloran since his Nettwerk Music Group-released debut record imago was released in November. Last year as the release of imago was approaching, Kiloran was already putting together a set of new songs that would serve as his next release. He approached it as a journal entry of a specific time in his life, inspired by the old-fashioned joy and thrill of writing a letter and receiving one from a friend in the mail. He began writing letters to his children, his wife, his friends, and God, and using this thought process, he directed it toward his songwriting. Kiloran is hoping that this forthcoming set of songs will touch people the way a great storyteller was always able to and remind you of the human element that’s often lacking in modern songwriting.


nobody likes you pat “what a good friend is for” single artwork

nobody likes you pat “what a good friend is for” single artwork