Hematite releases their long-awaited debut EP, Speak of the Devil. The duo, consisting of vocalist Davey Muise (Vanna, Trove) and guitarist/vocalist Andrew Gaultier (Big 50, To Speak of Wolves, He is Legend), are masterfully crafting a unique blend of classic Western country and heavy rock to formulate a carefully curated story flowing throughout five standout tracks.

Taking influences from cinema, vocalist Davey Muise directed and produced the music videos for “Adios” and “Run Devil Run” to bring Hematite’s dark western universe to life in their gothic visuals and vivid soundscapes. It all ties together as this EP completes the first chapter of Hematite’s dark, twangy, and experimental musical narrative.

The band commented on the album, noting:

“This EP was a creation born from a desire to be a part of something fun and meaningful during a time when there wasn’t much to grasp onto. To make music and art that we absolutely love without factoring in what anyone would think. It is a creative experiment gone extremely right and we’re excited to see where it goes.”

Artwork for the EP ‘Speak of the Devil’ by Hematite
Artwork for the EP ‘Speak of the Devil’ by Hematite