Twenty-nine-year-old singer and poet Rory McBride introduces his new single, “Stay Blue,” a first listen from his forthcoming debut EP, Sonic Lullaby, slated to drop on June 2, 2023.

Talking about the authenticity and simplicity of his psych-folk-rock aesthetic, McBride shares, “It’s an intentional kind of austerity in the face of some of the fanaticism and excesses that characterize our times. I advocate for a return to more simple and romantic thinking.”

Raised in rural Illinois, during the pandemic, McBride ventured deeper into nature, where he read and wrote poetry in Wisconsin and the backwoods of Amish farms. The result is lyrically gilded songs awash in carefully arranged ambiance.

“Stay Blue” travels on a lightly strumming guitar atop a sensitive, mid-tempo rhythm, featuring the deep vibrations of a subterranean bassline. McBride’s blend of Sprechstimme vocals and soft, dulcet crooning, vaguely reminiscent of Leonard Cohen, imbue the lyrics with subtle melodic silhouettes.

“Don’t move / Stay there / I’ll be there soon … Stay blue / Stay cool.”

All together, alluring and elegantly effortless, “Stay Blue” offers a delicious divided moodiness, half melancholic and half expectant.

Rory McBride
Rory McBride

Run Time: 1:53
Release Date: March 31, 2023
Record Label: Independent